Project #28470 - Visual Basicq

Assignment 4

Assignment description

For this assignment you are required to create a single program. The program will calculate the savings 

or overspending for a particular month. The application will contain two textboxes, one for the amount 

spent in a particular month and the second the month's budget. The program will also include two more 

textboxes, but the user will not be able to interact with them (deactivate user input for those). One of 

these boxes will report the savings and the second the overage.

Your program will also include one function and one procedure. The function will calculate the 

difference between what is spent and the month's budget and return it. If there are savings, you will 

post the amount in the text box dedicated to the savings. If instead the user spent more than budgeted, 

the text box dedicated to the overage will show the number.

The procedure instead will check the inputs from the text boxes. If the user entered a negative number, 

you should color the background of the text box in red. If the user entered a valid number, you should 

color the background of the text box in green. If the user entered text instead of numbers, you should 

color the background of the text box in yellow.


Make sure that any object you add to your form will have its own name. You should not have default 

names for buttons, labels, and any other objects you will include in this project. For example, you 

should never have something with id/name label1 or button1.

Name the projects Project_4_YourLastName. << Hussain

Turn in

Turn in three separate zip files. Each zip file will include the compressed folder containing the project. 

Please follow the naming convention shown in the “notes” of this assignm

Subject Computer
Due By (Pacific Time) 04/23/2014 08:00 pm
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