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Conflict Resolution Project Paper Assignment

Module 3-Conflict resolution project paper
This course covers a range of topics involved in Interpersonal communication grouped into three modules. This third module deals with understanding the contexts and nature of interpersonal conflicts so that when possible the conflicts can be resolved and relationships preserved.
You have now reviewed the chapters from the book associated with this module, completed the Invitations to Insight exercises, the Module 1 Personal Inventories exam and the Models exam. You have also analyzed yourself and the tools you use to negotiate interpersonal communication in your first project paper.
You now need to use what you have learned to diagnose the issues underlying interpersonal conflict and propose a plan to preserve the relationship of the people involved. Select one of the scenarios at the end of these instructions. Assume the role of one of the actors in your chosen scenario, address the questions and deal with the issues in the next four (4) sections. To address these issues, you will need to build a background of the relationship.  For a successful paper, it will be necessary to "make-up" some of the information for the other character in the scenario and your relationship with them.  You have been given minimal information for a reason, you need to use what you have learned and what you wrote about yourself in the first paper to complete this paper.  It is up to you to provide the background information for all elements that need to be addressed.
Also, a successful paper will include thorough, yet succinct discussions of the theories and methods required. You should go through each step of a process or method as it aligns with your chosen scenario and relationship to show that you understand how the process or method works in terms of relational maintenance or conflict resolution. 
Your project paper should be 4 pages (+ one page is fine, but try to not go over 5), 12 font, double spaced. Use a word processor that can save a file to a Word compatible format (.doc, .docx, .rtf). Make sure to proof-read your paper for grammar and spelling errors before you upload it for grading. Excessive errors will result in point deductions. You need to address the following 4 sections in a cohesive paper.
1.Based on the context of the conflict examine the following:
oWhat is the climate that seems to be forming or has formed? (1 element)
oWhat is the state or stage of the relationship? (Using Knapp’s or Devito’s stage model)
(1 element)
oExplain whether you are dealing with complementary or symmetrical conflict styles.
(1 element)
oWhat is the difference in power between your character and the other character?
(1 element)
2.Analyze the conflict.
o Use the Satir or Filley conflict resolution model.(1 element)
oHow can you use the Pillow Method to adjust the perception of the topic (Satir) or perceived/ felt conflict (Filley)?(1 element)
3.Create a win-win solution by following a rational model process step by step.
oSelect a rational process from the models resource book in Moodle associated with the Model exam.(1 element)
oWhich parts of your plan of action do you think will be difficult and why? (1 element)
oAddress the consequences of using a win-lose, lose-win, lose-lose, and compromise method.
(3 elements)
4.Describe a personal example where you used (or could have used) a win-win conflict resolution approach.(1 element)
(12 total elements required for Module 3 project paper)
Here are the situations or scenarios. Pick one scenario and assume the role of one character.
  • Sarah and Desidra have lived together harmoniously for a year. One day, Desidra brings home a new puppy, and Sarah is upset because she does not want to deal with the care of or mess from this new animal. Sarah decides to approach Desidra about the problem.
  • Pedro and Roxanne are married and just had a new baby. Pedro is a smoker, and Roxanne is worried about Pedro smoking around the baby. She decides to approach Pedro about the problem. Pedro states that he is not willing to quit smoking.
  • Malik and Mario have been good friends and employees of equal status, until recently when Malik was promoted to a supervisor position. Malik is now in charge of supervising Mario's work. Recently Malik has been frustrated with Mario because Mario brings his input and revisions to Malik a few hours before a deadline. Malik is feeling pressure from his boss to turn in good work on time, and he wants to confront Mario. However, he is also worried about ruining their friendship.
  • Pat and Chris have been saving for their annual trip. For this vacation, Pat wants to go to the shore and relax by the water, Chris wants to go hiking and camping in the mountains. They have usually been able to work out their differences but Chris feels strongly this year since last year they went with Pat’s choice. Pat brings in a higher income and contributes more than Chris to the trip each year.
  • Jackie recently got a bonus of $3, 000 and wants to buy a new computer and printer to upgrade the home office; Alex feels Jackie has been working too much and wants to use the money to take a vacation together.

    Section 1:

    Examine the relationship

    What climate is forming or has formed?

    What is the state or stage of the conflict? (use Knapp or Devito)


    Are you dealing with complementary or symmetrical conflict styles?


    Is there a power difference?



    Section 2:

    Analyze the conflict

    Analyze the conflict using Satir or Filey model

    How can you use the pillow method to adjust the perception?



    Section 3:

    Create a win-win solution

    Utilize your chosen rational model to create a win-win solution.

    Which parts of the plan of action will be difficult and why?


    Discussion of consequences of win-lose





    Section 4:

    Personal example

    Describe a personal example





    12 required elements must be included Point total



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