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write an article from this interview qeustions to a doctor narrating how the interview was going through each question. 

remember Ume and I were interviewing the doctor 

Ok Doctor it is recording , are you ready?

Yes, sure I guess

What attracted you to this profession?


Well I started wearing glasses in fourth grade probably need them in second grade (hhaha) but never realized it. any always I was always interested in medicine,and my dad always pushed us, me and my sister in that direction .


I originally wanted to do ophthalmology but then as I got older, being in high school starting

to  thinking about careers and college and all the time it takes to get there, optometry school seemed like a more appealing option for me.

While studying what obstacles did you come across?

Hmmm the main obstacle I came across was there was little time for anything else other then school. They don’t warn you or teach you about that. Balancing everything, depending on what's program you go to there’s very little time to actually stray from that schedule so it consumes you, they have a set schedule and it's basically every single semester including Summers. It helps you to figure out well


If you could go back tell a younger you 2 things about life as an optometrist what it be?


Hmm umm what I would tell a younger me I would probably again, same thing but work life school balance it's very easy to get caught up in work and I want to make sure they understand you got to make time for other things  and have personal down time. But when you're younger if you are younger and single by all means work very hard and make money and then in ur 30s you can start your family and feel accomplished and then you  actually have more time for them. That will be one thing , the  second thing I want want to tell my self  or a younger me would probably be to understandable business side because going through school they don’t teach you that end.


What was your first patient like?

Were you nervous?

My  first patient ever as a real Dr was here at my eye dr, and yes I was nervous, I had someone watching my every move. My first patient had a lazy eye, and I learned the hard way how not to spin your wheels with some one like that. I was trying really hard to get that patient to see 20/20 , because in school that’s what we are taught to do, I spent about 30 minutes with this first patient try to get the lazy eye to see better, but where I messed up is I failed to listen to the patient and that is key. Its more important to focus on their wants and there needs, not what I think they need.


How well do you think school prepare you for the real world?

I never realized it until I went on my rotations and saw patients against other students from other schools I think it was because we saw patients our second year in school, the amount of times you see pinkeye you don't nervous and you have confidence and you know how to treat it because you seen it so many times. because we have something that's really what speaks volumes.

As an optometrist what method of patient care do you value most

Hm what I value most would be connecting with patient listening to what their needs are and then actually following up I think that was a long way and trying to get in the buying glasses are trying to figure out what you think what do you think they need.


What do you think the industry will be like 5-10 years from now?

I think we will to be competing with a lot more online vendors and online marketplaces.

so its something we know is going to be there and nothing is going to affect us in our industry

people will always want that personal attention and care. That is something you can't really achieve online. Having a brick and mortar store in your community makes a differences.

How do you do you think technology will impact your field?

Being able to ordering things online. when i was going to school this wasn't really heard of. now its everywhere. its a good and bad thing, it allows people to make purchases in the comfort of there own homes, but also increases risk. these people aren't educated in the subject matter and if they don't visit a doctor regularly, and something goes wrong who is liable?

How do you feel about Lasik being coming so mainstream now?

I'm actually seeing a decrease in lasik over the past few years, i am not a huge advocate, it is a surgery and it involves risks just like any other operation, and i also don't think patients have the extra disposable income to invest in the surgery . but when parties are interested i educate them and I'll refer them to  some that I that I trust I don't see it as being a negative  impact on us as a whole. at the end of the day we want patients to see well.

What is your typical workday like?


Well its a normal eight hour work day I see patients every 15 minutes, and on saturdays and  Sundays as you know are  crazier than others, we see walk ins as well. alot of the time they are returning patients to accommodating them on a time crunch is easily , because i have all their history right in front of me. with a busy day we can easily fall behind schedule   it's important to keep office flow happening from the  beginning. Taking the patient  back to get pre-tested  right away. and come from having a competent and well trained front desk staff thats on the same page with the Doctor and a manger keeping everything on track throughout the day is very important to. make sure patients are happy and customer services never suffers.

What do you think MyEyeDr. has, or does that you would consider the companies competitive edge?


I think its the fact that we are not segregated between Drs office and the optical side that's other chains like LensCrafters, and Pearle vision although they have independent contractors for their optometrist there's still a disconnect between the two. we operate as one unit and I think if we can kind of keep that going and give that personal touch we will continue to succeed. we also have that individualized private practice feel, but with all the benefits of a big  chain.

What's the benefits?

well for starters the buying power we have such high volume that offers our patients great savings. and the regulations as a Dr here i have a lot of say in what goes on in the practice but i also operational managers and different departments so i have the ability to focus solely on patient care, and i think people really appreciate that.

How does your job now differ from you previous one?

well, i started with myeyedr right out of Optometry school so this is all i know. but i use to be the lead trainer for new hires and now i do EMR training, which is Electronical Medical Records. i train a lot of our older Drs and the new ones how to use our Exam writer system effectively and efficiently.

How do you feel the company has changed since you joined?

wow, so we have grown alot! when i first started with the company we were about 23 locations and now we are almost at 90. and thats amazing. going into different regions and states its nice. and patients like seeing our stores everywhere too knowing they can stop in at any locations and all the information is there, is a great feeling. im glad to be where i am.

What you favorite part about working here?

I like the separation of duties. so every staff member is trained to play a particular role and they do it well. Like the front desk handles call and schedules appointments, the lab tech only cuts jobs, because that their main responsibility they can focus on that, the optical sales staff is trained with product knowledge. Its good, like i was saying it give the office a good smooth flow.

i like the area of this office is nice too, i like being on clardensond boulevard, its a nice happening place with alot of educated people from all over the world. that always makes for an interesting day. the patients have a lot to offer and you have learn from them. the key is to listen always listen.

What's one thing you hate about working here?


nothing really i enjoy it very much, well saturdays. the fact that we always have to work saturdays is a bit of a nuisance  sometimes, i envy my husband sometimes he has saturdays off and can sometimes work from home, i really can't do that.  but its the nature of the best in this area most of the patients in this area are government employees and work typical 9-5s so it very important to understand your demographics to have a sustainable business. its no surprises its our business day of the week. 

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