Project #27710 - Annotated Bibliography and research paper

            Annotated Bibliography Assignment

                   Points: 10 (5 for each annotated bibliography item) + 5 (Synthesis is a separate exercise which you have to complete along with the first draft )

                   Due date: 4/19/14

                   Length: 1 page for each item


Follow the organization below because I have made it very simple.

These are the details:

       •          You will submit a total of 3 annotated bibliography assignments for the Argument supported by research paper. You can submit all of them in one document.

       •          Annotated   Bibliography: Length : Each annotated bibliography item should be at least a page long (double-spaced) or 250-300 words approximately.

It has four sections.

1.         Start with the citation for the published work (MLA format).

2.         Summarize the source.  State the main arguments and the supporting ideas. You must present the specific ideas from the article. Simply presenting the abstract is not sufficient. 200 words. Be neutral. Please do not express your opinion here.

3.         Provide an assessment of the source. Does the source offer fact or opinion?  Are the ideas objective? Has the author done enough research?  Is the author credible?  Here you are evaluating the source.  50 words

4.         State how this will fit into your research paper. Where will you be using the ideas? In which part of the body will you use the ideas? 20 words.

More details:

What you should do:

1.     1.         Access the articles.  Download and save them with the relevant title. Save the article as a pdf document. If the article is not available as pdf, then copy and paste on a word document, and save with a title. 2.    Read the relevant articles completely. These are the outside published sources you are going to find through Lakeland Research Database. The annotated bibliography does not include the essays from the text.

3.   Cite the source as you would in the works cited section.

4.   Provide a one-page summary of the important points. Attaching the abstract will not be sufficient. You must read and summarize the article or chapter from a book (if you are using a book as one of your sources).

5.   Show which aspect of the paper this source will support.

6.   Attach the whole article (please post the article on Blackboard).

7.   Choose published articles that are at least 4 pages long.

8.   Proofread your document to eliminate grammar and punctuation mistakes. 



What you should avoid:

1.   Choosing unpublished articles, really short ones, or using the abstract will result in your losing points.

2.   Using textual articles or using an article by the same author about the same topic. Your bibliography should show that you have done research to get the views of different authors who have also done research on this topic.

3.   Using abstracts will result in your losing all points.

4.   Plagiarizing will result in losing all points.




Persuasion Supported by Research

Points: Draft 1 = due 4/26/14- 10 points

Final Draft – due 5/3/14 through 5/5/14- 10 points

Length = 8 pages

Purpose = persuasion

Audience = General educated audience


After composing this paper, students will be able to fulfill all the goals of the course:

1.      Write precise thesis statements

2.      Compose well organized essays

3.      Develop their papers with supporting details and good transition

4.      Develop an awareness of audience.

5.      Develop summary skills.

6.      Write analytical essays based on the readings

7.      Learn and use the basic research skills

8.      Proof to eliminate mistakes


Choose one of the topics below:

            Minimum sources: 1 from the list and 2 from research.

            You must use the article from the list as a mandatory source (besides the two outside sources for your research based argument paper.

Choose one of the topics below and write an argument supporting the ideas of the author. You can also argue against the ideas presented in the article. You have to either agree or disagree. Your argument should be for or against the main idea (stand) of the author on the topic. You can use additional sources to support your stand.




Organizing the argument paper:

Paragraph 1- Introduction-


       •          3-4 sentences should introduce the topic effectively. The opening sentences have to be captivating Page 409-410.

       •          After that, you should provide background information about the controversy and limit the argument by defining the important terms in your own words.

       •          This should lead into the thesis, which should be placed at the end of the first paragraph. It should be persuasive (not a factual statement). The thesis should take a stand.  It is your point of view expressed in the third person.

       •          The thesis is not an idea from a source.

       •          The thesis should not be a question but a persuasive statement.

       •          Use direct clear statement with assertive verbs. Leave out verbs like “may be,” “could be” that create ambiguity.

       •          You can provide brief supporting reasons for your stand in the thesis statement.

       •          Please do not bring up the opposing view in the thesis statement.

Body general guidelines:

       •          Your body paragraphs should be organized with topic sentences.

       •          Your essay should exhibit sound logical reasoning.

       •          You must have supporting evidence.

       •          You must have synthesis of two sources for each body paragraph. Synthesis brings ideas from two sources together.  You should create connections between the ideas of the two sources to make them support your topic sentence. You can look at the similarities or differences in the ideas from the article from the text and the ideas from the research source.

       •          You must paraphrase and cite (in-text) accurately. You must have a works cited section also.

Detailed Organization of the Body Paragraphs:
Body Paragraphs: Each body paragraph should contain the following sections:
I. First major support- starts with your first supporting reason- It should be your ideas. This will be the topic sentence. Ideas from articles in the book/research should not start the paragraph because the emphasis will go for those points. Your voice or point of view should get prominence; hence, all topic sentences should be your ideas. Topic sentences are statements and not questions.
A. Explain –You can use reasons, comparison, or contrast, simple definitions etc. Any method will work-You have to explain your topic sentence.
B. Provide evidence from the text or research source to support your ideas.
C. Comment on the appropriateness of the textual support. Analyze.
D. Transition. Bring research support. 1.
E. Comment on the ideas of the source.
F. Synthesize the ideas of the two sources to make them support your topic sentence.
G. Integrate all the ideas of this paragraph and look forward to the next paragraph.
II. Follow the same structure as the above paragraph. Second support.
III. Third support.

You can bring as many supporting ideas as you want.

The final body paragraph is the opposing view section:


a.     1.         Provide Transition + state one view of the opposition

b.     2.         Refute or state that the opposition is wrong. Also include the reasons why they are wrong.

c.     3.         State why your ideas are correct and provide new supporting evidence for your stand.

Conclusion: Having proved your point, you can move on to the conclusion.

       •          Restate your thesis.

       •          Provide a final thought on the topic. (call to action page 410-411, brief solution, or prediction/forewarning based on the proof you have given in your paper).


Subject English
Due By (Pacific Time) 04/18/2014 12:00 am
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