Project #27571 - Research Response Paper

Assignment: This assignment allows you to analyze some of the topics of the class with more 

depth. You will be given a research question or prompt. You will compose a thesis statement and 

conduct research at the library. This is meant to be a critical analysis research essay where you 

can take a position on a particular issue and critique current research and approaches or present 

your own ideas. Your paper must be based in recent (1995-2014) and legitimate scholarly or 

scientific research. You must submit both a paper copy to the TA as well as an electronic copy to 

Blackboard Safe Assignment. No late papers are accepted. 


You must: 

 1. have good organization with an introduction and conclusion. 

2. have research using legitimate scholarly or scientific sources. 

3. address the main objectives (see above) of the assignment. 

4. back up your analysis with evidence from your sources. 

5. follow the directions below, especially in format and citations. 


Paper length and form: 

There is a cover page (with rubric) at the end of each research response assignment which must 

be stapled to the front page of your paper. The paper must be 4-5 pages in length and be typed in 

12-point Times New Roman font with 1-inch margins on all sides, with page numbers, including 

at least four (4) scholarly sources with correct in-text citations (see below). Double spacing is to 

be used throughout the paper. All information taken from a source must have an in-text citation 

every time! You must also include a bibliography of the sources. 



You must use at least 4 recent (1995-2014), scholarly sources. It is allowed to use more than 4 

scholarly sources. All sources used in writing the paper must be properly cited in the text as well 

as in the bibliography. It is not sufficient to include four sources and then only cite from one. A 

scholarly source is a book published by an academic press company or university (usually by a 

PhD researcher) and/or an article from a peer-reviewed journal (organized and published by PhD 

researchers). You may not use the main textbook (Humanity), discussion articles, or the 

Instructor’s lectures! Scientific magazine popular sources (such as Science, Scientific American, 

and National Geographic) are only acceptable with TA approval. Websites of any kind and 

encyclopedias (including Wikipedia and Encyclopedia Britannica) may not be used in the paper 




Assignment: You must choose ONE of the following research question options. Compose a 

thesis and research it using scholarly sources from the library. This is meant to be a critical 

analysis of a research topic that addresses the main factors and effects of a phenomenon that 

have been addressed in scholarly research; it is not to be an opinion paper. These questions are 

very broad and encompassing so do not feel that you must discuss everything about the topic – 

feel free to focus on a particular cultural group, region, or case study to research and analyze in 

the context of the question. 


Choose only ONE of the following questions to answer in your response: 


Option 1: How do cultural constructions of gender influence power imbalances and gender 

inequality? (choose two case studies to illustrate your points) 


Option 2: In a globalized world, what are the connections between language and identity? 

(e.g. bilingualism and immigration, multilingualism and globalization, nationalism and 

official languages, etc.) 


Option 3: How does religion maintain social solidarity and how does it control behavior through 

social norms? 


Option 4: How does economic exchange influence the establishment of political power and 

social inequality? (You can choose either a historical context or modern globalized context)


What is a “Thesis Statement”? Your paper must have a research thesis. The thesis statement of a research paper is either a single sentence or several sentences somewhere in the first paragraph that presents the main argument of the paper. It must be specific and the student must be able to support the argument with real-world evidence from original research. A vague, generalized, unsupportable, or poor research thesis will result in a poor grade.


Low wage laborers in sweat shops should be happy they have a job at all. An example of a strong thesis statement is: Laborers on rose plantations in north highland Ecuador experience long working hours in excess of 12 hours a day, lower wages than comparable labor jobs in the local economy, and harsher and more dangerous working conditions but lack other employment options as the local agricultural land has been purchased by a multinational corporation for cash crop production of roses for international sale. Writing the paper Students should be especially careful to write the paper using clear and accurate spelling and follow proper grammatical rules. Before handing in the paper, one may wish to read it out loud, several times. This will help expose awkward sentences, grammatical errors, and other mistakes which may be skipped over while simply scanning the paper on a computer. A clear and logical narrative flow is not just a matter of style; it is critical in the formation and presentation of the research topic. It is difficult to evaluate the quality of the research if the writing is cluttered with grammatical mistakes, run-on sentences, and jumps of logic. One of the most frequent errors is a lack of a clear thesis statement which affects the quality of the entire paper. Each paper should have a clear thesis statement which is stated in the first paragraph. The first paragraph should also state why this is an important topic for research, in other words, you must answer the “so what?” question. Research papers vs. opinion papers (what is the difference?) This is to be a research paper and not an opinion paper. Students can write about topics they feel strongly about, but the paper must be based on scholarly research, not supposition or assumption. Phrases such as "I believe that" or "I think that" have no place in a research paper and the conclusions should not be based on the student’s personal views or religious beliefs. In other words, the goal should be to analyze and critique what is known about the topic, not to present personal opinions to the reader. If you have pre-existing knowledge about a topic, you cannot use it in a research paper without citing the original source, which must be a scholarly source

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Due By (Pacific Time) 04/14/2014 10:00 am
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