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Question 3.  Create an ERD


A Diagnostic Radiology Service provides Radiology Procedures for outpatients. Use the entity descriptions and Business Rules described below to develop an ERD. Please break attributes such as Name and Address into the appropriate atomic fields. Please identify PK and FK attributes, Supertype/Subtype Hierarchy Constraints, and all relationships within the ERD.


An entity type list follows. Attributes are in parentheses, and each PK attribute is underlined.


·         Person (PersonID, Name, Address, HomePhone, CellPhone, Gender, Race)


·         ReferringPhysician (PersonID, NationalPractitionerID, Specialty)


·         Patient (PersonID,ReferringPhysicianID)


·         Employee (EmployeeID, Name, Address, NationalIDNumber, DateHired, DateLastPromotion, Degree, HourlyRate)


·         Technician (EmployeeID,Certification)


·         Radiologist (EmployeeID,Specialty)


·         Visit (PatientID, Date, Reason for Visit)


·         Procedure (ProcedureID, ProcedureName, Description)


Person is a supertype, with subtypes ReferringPhysician and Patient. A Person is not employed by the organization. A Person must be at least one of the following: Referring Physician or Patient. A Person can be both.


Employee is a supertype, with subtypes Technician and Radiologist. An Employee is a Technician or a Radiologist or an Administrative Staff. (Administrative Staff entity type is not to be included in the ERD.)


Here are the business rules for the binary relationships:


Patient – ReferringPhysician


A Referring Physician has many Patients.


A Patient has one and only one Referring Physician.


ReferringPhysician 1:M Patient


Patient – Visit


A Patient may have many Visits.


A Visit relates to one and only one Patient.


Patient 1:M Visit


Visit – RadiologyProcedure


A Visit may contain many Radiology Procedures


A Radiology Procedure is performed for many Visits


Visit M:NRadiologyProcedure; Associative Entity VisitProcedure


Radiologist – VisitProcedure


A Radiologist reads many VisitProcedure results


The VisitProcedure result is read by one Radiologist


Radiologist 1:MVisitProcedure


Technician – VisitProcedure


A Technician performs many VisitProcedures


A VisitProcedure is performed by one Technician


Technician 1:MVisitProcedure


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