Project #27311 - Strategic Recommendation

MGT – 350 International Business

Writing Assignment 2 – 150 Points

Due:  April 22nd

FORD company


As a writing intensive course, MGT350 seeks to provide opportunities for students to learn through the research and writing process.  For this assignment, students will be tasked with development of an international growth strategy recommendation for the firm researched in Assignment 1.



Using topics included in Chapters 10-19 for inspiration, students will assess the options and alternatives for expansion of their chosen firm.  At least two alternatives must be examined, with recommendation of the one that creates the most value.  The first option must be a strategic alliance with three options formulated and posted to BB on March 27th.   In addition, the assignment requires exploration of no less than three (3) topics covered in Chapters 10-19 as they apply to the company selected.  Each topic must be appropriately headed with a focus on application and analysis, not repetition of course material.  


Final submissions will be no less than 1600 words, single-spaced.  Proper citation is essential, as is appropriate reference of company material.  Excessive reliance on company information needs to be avoided. 


The following questions may be helpful in formulation:

1.  How has the company grown in the past?  Does this strategy work well going forward?

2.  What options and alternatives should be explored?  Which is preferable?  Why?

3.  Having reviewed Chapters 10-19, which themes and topics seem relevant to this company?

4.  What sources of information are available?  Filings, Analyst Reports, Market Data, News…

5.  Research – Reflect – Repeat…


April 10th, our class will include peer review of papers.  All students are required to have a valid first draft complete for review and assessment by a classmate.  Completion of the peer review is a component of this assignment for both the reviewer and the subject.  




  • Overall Quality, Organization, Composition, etc. (Ref. general rubric provided)    50 Points
  • Must be executive quality, free of all errors
  • Quality of Alternatives Proposed / Recommended (Analysis & Support)50 Points
  • Understanding, Credibility, Viability
  • Relevance to Course Topics (3 Minimum)50 Points
  • Application and Analysis










Organization and Required Elements:


It should be organized as an executive recommendation based on your subject matter expertise and company specific research.  

  • Executives prefer shorter, direct communication of things they do not know.  Assuming the audience is the ‘C’ level management team, do not tell them what they already know.  
  • They do not care about your personal opinion as they are looking to develop their own conclusions based on the facts.  
  • They may agree or disagree with your recommendation based upon the quality of support and strategic thinking.  
  • Any deficits in writing quality reflect poorly on the preparer and diminish the credibility of the message, thus all work must be error free.


Corporations often request that written recommendations follow a template so that executives can evaluate information efficiently and assure that all facets are included.  For this assignment, organize your work in the following sections:


  • Title Page
  • Introduction/Overview
  • Third person – no ‘I’ or ‘we’
  • Explains the path of ideas, not marketing spin
  • Strategic Growth Options
  • Alternative 1 – Strategic Alliance with ____________
  • Alternative 2, 3…
  • Explain well, using visuals as appropriate
  • Use data to support, not opinion, hype or marketing spin
  • Data should come from non-company sources
  • Course Topics
  • Explain how relevant course topics influence critical thinking about the alternatives presented
  • Present a minimum of 3 without repeat of course material and clarity of application to alternative analysis
  • Recommendation
  • Remain 3rd person, as this is not an opinion, but rather the logical conclusion of sound analysis
  • Explain the rationale for the best alternative (benefits, risks, etc.)
  • References







Subject Business
Due By (Pacific Time) 04/19/2014 12:00 pm
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