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Chapter 12. Strategic Risk


1-1. When managing strategic risk, is it more important to focus on risk identification or risk management?


1-2. What is the strategic risk lesson from the Fed Ex stories?


1-3. What is the strategic risk lesson learned from the Samsung design vision?


1-4. What sources of strategic risk are on the horizon today that will provide both danger and opportunity in the future?


1-5. Of Boeing and Airbus, which company made the best decision on strategic risks facing the development of a future airplane?


1-6. Who performs VP duties for Mr. Wang?

  • Relay policies from the CEO and senior executives to lower-level employees.
  • Establish goals for employees in their units.
  • Appraise subordinates.
  • Prepare reports for senior executives.
  • Read the Wall Street journal at their desks.
  • Dictate memos to secretaries.
  • Attend committee meetings.


1-7. Who performs secretary duties for Mr. Wang?

  • Greeting visitors and answering the telephone.
  • Typing and filing documents.
  • Scheduling appointments and meetings.
  • Other.


1-8. The book describes how the United States Shoe Company reacted to the strategic risk posed by Mr. Wang. How did Reebok react?


1-9. What strategic risk was posed to industrial-age organizations by Mr. Wang?


1-10. Identify a technology today that is likely to revolutionize the conduct of modern business and thus presents a strategic risk to companies. What companies are endangered? What strategy can help achieve the upside of the risk?



Chapter 13. Sub-culture Risk


1-11. The book discusses Ford and Toyota in 2007. Use the Internet to find the current status of both companies. Explain whether the risk of their sub-cultures has helped or hurt them. Be specific.


1-12. How much of the differences between Ford and Toyota are explained by different cultures? Explain.


1-13. In terms of bureaucratic, team, spider, or individual culture, what sub-culture risks did GoldCorp overcome?


1-14. In terms of sub-culture risk, what is the best way to view the concept of “control?”


1-15. The first step in managing sub-culture risk is to correctly identify From the characteristics to use in identifying subcultures (Appendix 13.A), which is most useful in identifying the sub-culture (bureaucratic, team, spider, or individual)? Which is least useful? Explain your reasoning.


1-16. Select a company in trouble. Describe the problems. Assume the company is considering hiring a new CEO who fits the profile of an energy trader. What are the risks and opportunities of hiring such an individual? Tell it as a story.


1-17. Brooks identifies a natural cultural conflict among high school students:

  • All the prestige goes to the popular people, not the hardest workers.
  • Cool people do not acknowledge nerds and techies.
  • Students with high grades may be mocked or isolated.


Does this behavior continue into organizations? Explain your answer.


18. For each U.S. president since 1992, the book matches the individual with a possible role in high school (popular person, athlete, nerd,). Do you agree with each of the following? Explain your answers.

·      Bill Clinton. A popular geek, well balanced, interesting, and neurotic.

·      George W. Bush. Well-balanced and dull.

·      Barack Obama. Cool, calm, collected, and inspiring.


1-19. What is the sub-culture risk faced by a manager in dealings with a “jock?”


1-20. What is the sub-culture risk faced by a manager in dealings with an “athlete?”


1-21. What is the sub-culture risk faced by a manager in dealings with a “nerd?”


1-22. What is the sub-culture risk faced by a manager in dealings with a “popular person?”


1-23. What is the sub-culture risk faced by a manager in dealings with a “thug?”

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