Project #27137 - Questions- Sociology

I need to answer these questions:


1-) Why do people in the United States tend to think of the operation of society in personal terms?


2-) What are the practical benefits of sociological perpective? Are there liabilities?


3-)What does C. Wright Mills have in mind in suggesting that by developing the sociological imagination we learn to assemble facts into social analisys?


4-) How do the biomedical, psycological, and feminist models differ in expleining eating disorders?


5-)Why some people argue that eating problems are survival strategies to cope with sexism, heterosexism, and emotional, sexual, or physical abuse?


6-) What evidence support the argument that defining the cow as sacred is necessary strategy for human survival in India?


7-)If survival strategies make sense when we take a close look at them, why do they become so "encased" in elaborate cultural explanations?


8-)Does India's recognition of the sacred cow help or hurt that nation's natural enviroment?


9-) What are the resaons that people from some parts of the world don't eat pork? 


10-) How some sociologers  ditinguish between body and the self?


11-) How is the self both a subject and an object to itself? How is the ability to assume " the role of the other" vital to our humanity?


12-)The idea that socialization produces conformity is easy to understand, but how does Meadargue that individual distinctiveness is also a result of social experience?


13-) If masculinity is innate, as many people believe, why aren't all boys and men jocks? And why are many girls and women sucessful athletes, while also being very feminine?


14-) How would you explain the rise of female athletes during the last few decades?


15-) How do factors such as family influence, a father's role, and social class shape a boy's interest in sports and his identity as masculine?


16-)Are you agree or disagree that advertisers maintain people rely on commercials and ads to make informed decisions about the products and services they buy?


17-)How does advertising influence our values and lifestyle?


18-)Belgium,Norways, and other countries ban all television and radio advertising directed at children. Should USA do the same?


19-) Are there greater differences or similarities across cultures in the relationship between parent-child closeness and adolescent behavior?


20-) What are some of the factors that contribute to the problematic behavior of adolescents both cross-culturally and within subcultures in the United States?


21-) Give examples of variables might also have an impact on parent-child relationships that are not discussed in this selection?

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Due By (Pacific Time) 04/10/2014 12:00 pm
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