Project #2707 - US history






1. In what way did railroads and advances in communication affect geographic patterns in the United States?


A) They stalled the need for new inventions


B) They assisted in maintaining cultural traditions in an area


C) They changed the physical characteristics of a region


D) They stalled migration




2. What was the effect of the growth of monopolies?


A) They increased competition among similar businesses.


B) They reduced the need for government intervention.


C) They spread equal wealth among the entire population.


D) They reduced the number of small businesses within an industry.




3. What was the purpose of the Sherman Antitrust Act of 1890?


A) to assist robber barons


B) to eliminate government intervention in business


C) to protect trade and the growth of monopolies


D) to eliminate big business monopolies




4. Who invented the electric light bulb?


A) Jay Gould


B) Thomas Edison


C) John D. Rockefeller


D) Andrew Carnegie




5. According to the Homestead Act of 1862, what were two ways that a settler could claim and own a piece of land in the western plains?




6. Which industries' practices led to the use of the term 'robber baron'?


A) Steel


B) Oil


C) Railroad


D) Mining




7. Explain what the term 'New South' referred to.




8. The land between the east and west coasts was referred to as the Great ______ ______ by many people in the East.




9. What led to the ghost towns of the West?




10. Which mining product was in high demand with the invention of the telephone, telegraph, and electrical wires?




11. Chinese immigration was important to the building of the transcontinental railroad. 1. Which law allowed for the mass immigration of people from China?2. What was the ultimate goal of most Chinese men when they came to America?3. Why did the Chinese tend to live together in areas called 'China Towns'?4. Which state began passing laws that limited the actions of Chinese?5. Which law made it illegal for people from China to immigrate to the United States?




12. Thomas Edison eventually merged all of his electrical companies into one big company called ________ ________.




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