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My assignment is to make a trade manual for a country in which canada and the chosen country can conduct business. my chosen country is Sri Lanka. If you wish you can change the country to Malaysia as well.


  • Use a grid similar to that shown below to complete the infrastructure advisory for Sri Lanka. Point form is acceptable. You will need to research key pieces of information that would be advantageous to a Canadian businessperson if working or traveling there.
  • Resources: Include a list of the web sites you used to complete this section.
Transportation Systems  
Communication Systems   
Government Services  
Health Care  
Business Support Services  
Financial Services  
Foreign Embassies  
Communication Etiquette  


The following need a paragraph for each bulleton.

A guideline to Business Protocols of Sri Lanka

Research common business protocols in Sri Lanka.  Address the following:


  • Negotiation styles
  • Language
  • Silent language
  • Forms of greetings
  • Style of dress
  • Gift giving
  • Punctuality
  • Scheduling of meetings
  • Business entertaining

Marketing Information for Sri Lanka.

  • Target Market Profile: What is the customer profile of  Sri Lanka? Research items such as male/female ratio, age groupings, per capita income of families, average income, literacy rate, etc. Include any other information you deem important.
  • Media Opportunities: List possible advertising opportunities available in Sri Lanka (e.g., radio stations, television stations, and magazines). Provide two examples of each of the listed media giving full name and contact information (e.g., address, city, phone and/or website).
  • Retailing: Identify a major retailer in Sri Lanka that might distribute a consumer product.
  • Advertising Laws and Regulations: Describe the rules and laws governing advertising messages. Describe ways in which they are different from Canadian regulations.
  • Advertising: Find an example advertisement from Sri Lanka. What advertising techniques are used? Are they different from or similar to Canadian advertisers? How?
  • Include a Resources listing for this section.

Logistics and Distribution Information toSri Lanka.

  • Overview: Create an overview of the importance of logistics. Your overview should also refer to the chart below.
  • Chart: Investigate the cost and complications of shipping a 10kg package, 80cm x 30cm x 30cm of promotional materials directed at potential investors or partners to the capital of Sri Lanka. Include the costs from 4 possible methods via Canada Post. Look on their website for the detailed information. Present this information in chart form, similar to below. If the service is not available to your capital enter N/A for not applicable.
Most economical (surface) 4 – 6 weeks
Air 2 –3 weeks
Expresspost 4 – 7 days
Purolator Courier 2 – 3 days
  • Freight Forwarding: How would a freight forwarder help you with the shipment to Sri Lanka? Research one freight forwarding company and explain what they would offer the person or company arranging this shipment.
  • Logistical Company: Identify at least one logistics company that exists in Sri Lanka. Provide the complete addresses and phone numbers of this company.
  • Include a Resources section.

 ensure that you have completed each of the followi

ng tasks:

  • Check spelling and grammar and make sure you proofread.
  • Be consistent with fonts: this does not mean EVERYTHING must be in Arial. What it means is that all main headings could be in Arial and all body text is in Times New Roman. Consistency is key for readability!
  • Title Page: Your title should be: Trading Manual for Sri Lanka on your title page. Acknowledgement section at bottom of page - Prepared by: Dasun, course, and the date.
  • Preface page: A ½ to ¾ page highlighting some of the unique opportunities and advantages of doing business in your selected country. Remember you want it to sound positive because you want foreign investment and trade.
  • Table of Contents page: Titled, aligned, centered, and a border.
  • Resources: Each section had a work cited or resource link requested. Incorporate those sites within those sections for easy reference for the user.
  • Visuals: Pictures should complement the text.
  • Chart(s): Some of your sections will lend themselves to presenting the data in chart form for easy reference or comparison. Pie or bar graphs often illustrate data well. For example, consider a chart for your market profile data.
  • Map(s): Quality, accurate maps that reflect population distribution and topography add to a manual.
  • Creativity/unique features - use your imagination! This will demonstrate effort. Look in texts, annual reports, and web sites to get some ideas. It doesn’t have to be “extra” information, but some information you have gathered presented in a different way. Past examples have incorporated “Fact Boxes” into their sections, others have added an extra section entitled Tourist Highlights, and others have added “notes” pages.

Note that all work must be sigted in chicago style sitation.

Subject Business
Due By (Pacific Time) 04/08/2014 08:33 pm
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