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Draw a flowchart for a process of interest to you, such as a quick oil-change service, a factory process you might have worked in, ordering a pizza, renting a car or truck, buying products on the Internet, or applying for an automobile loan. Identify the points where something (people, information) waits for service or is held in work-in-process inventory, the estimated time to accomplish each activity in the process, and the total flow time. Evaluate how well the process worked and what might be done to improve it. Write up your conclusions and submit them as your assignment. If necessary, submit your flowchart as well.








Each bank teller workstation is forecasted to process 400 transactions (the end-item) on Friday. The bank is open from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Friday with 90 minutes for lunch and breaks. Three teller windows are open on Friday. A work-study analysis reveals that the  breakdown of the transaction mix is 40 percent deposits, 45 percent withdrawals, and 15 percent transfers between accounts. A different form is used for each type of transaction, so there is one despots slip per deposit, one withdrawal slip per withdrawal, and two transfer slips per transfer.


1.     How many transfer slips are needed on Friday?


2.     How many withdrawal slips are needed on Friday?


3.     Deposit slips are delivered every second day. If the on-hand balance of deposit slips is 50 at this bank, how many deposit slips should be ordered?


4.     What is the end-item and component part in this bank example?


5.     What are the implications of having too many or too few deposit, withdrawal, and transfer slips? Explain








Which of the "Seven QC Tools" would be most use­ful in addressing each of the following situations? Explain your reasoning.


1.    A copy machine suffers frequent paper jams and users are often confused as to how to fix the problem.


2.    The publication team for an engineering depart­ment wants to improve the accuracy of its user documentation but is unsure of why documents are not error-free.


3.    A bank needs to determine how many teller posi­tions, drive-through stations, and ATM machines it needs for a new branch bank in a certain busy location. Its information includes the average numbers and types of customers served by other similar facilities, as well as demographic informa­tion to suggest the level of customer traffic in the new facility.


4.    A contracting agency wants to investigate why they had so many changes in their contracts. They believe that the number of changes may be related to the dollar value of the original contract or the days between the request for proposal and the contract award.


5.    A travel agency is interested in gaining a better understanding of how call volume varies by time of year in order to adjust staffing schedules.








Lou’s Bakery has established that JIT should be used for chocolate chips due to the high probability of the kitchen heat melting the chips. The average demand is 180 cups of chocolate chips per week. The average setup and processing time is ½ day. Each container holds exactly 2 cups. The current safety stock factor is 5 percent. The baker operates 6 days per week.


1.    How many Kanbans are required for the bakery?


2.    What is the maximum authorized inventory?


3.    If the average setup and processing time is reduced to 3/8ths of a day due to better training and retention of experienced employees, what are the answers to (1) and (2)?








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