Project #26969 - research paper on autobiography of a author

An appropriate topic, selected from the list in the course materials 2. Three to five pages of text in the body, which follow the recommended sequence of topics in the course materials 3. A descriptive title page 4. A page containing the outline and thesis 5. A list of works cited, containing both print and electronic sources (as indicated in the source materials) assembled using MLA documentation style 6. Internal documentation handled with citations in correct MLA format, both direct quotation and paraphrase as appropriate.


Please submit your title page, outline/thesis page, body, and list of works cited as one file


Following are possible topics, choose any:

Willa Cather“Neighbor Rosicky”the story is drawn from memories of her youth in Nebraska

EE Cummings The Enormous Room a work of “fiction” based upon his imprisonment in France towards the end of WWI

Stephen Crane “The Open Boat”a short story based upon the author’s experiences aboard a ship called the Commodore which sank in a storm

William C. Williams “The Use of Force” primarily a poet, Williams wrote this story in which a physician must fight with a young girl to save her life

W.B. Yeats “Easter, 1916”a poem about the Easter Uprising in Ireland. Yeats knew the ringleaders well.

I.B. Singe r“Gimpel the Fool”a short story written in Yiddish about life in rural Europe prior to WWII.The lifestyle of a culture is preserved.

E.A. Poe The Narrative of Arthur Gordon PymPoe’s only novel, with biographical themes and psychological connection to the author’s life.

John Steinbeck n Dubious Battlea fruit picker’s strike in California, later developed in The Grapes of Wrath.Steinbeck was a reporter for a local newspaper.

Ian Fleming On Her Majestie’s Secret Service or any James Bond novel, loosely derived from Fleming’s wartime experiences in the Royal Navy.

Walt Whitman “The Wound-Dresser”a poem of the Civil War, based on Whitman’s experiences working in a hospital near Washington, DC.

B. Traven The Treasure of the Sierra Madrewhile John Huston was filming this movie in Mexico (with Humphrey Bogart), Traven appeared as a “script consultant.”

Ambrose Bierce “Chicamauga”the author fought in the Civil War, his fiction of that conflict reflects his own personal experience.

Norman Mailer The Naked and the Dead bestselling author of the late 20th century, Mailer’s first book was derived from his wartime experience in the Pacific.

Ernest Hemingway Francis Macomber”one of the author’s African tales, loosely based on his own safari experience and a white hunter he met there.

Herman Melville White JacketMelville enlisted in the US Navy to gain passage home from the South Seas.His depiction of corporal punishment in this novel inspired the US Congress to outlaw the practice.

Mark Twain Huckleberry Finn  Twain worked as a pilot on the Mississippi River.Many of his experiences were incorporated into the novel.

Sylvia Plath “Daddy”The American poet, unhappy in her family life and marriage, had an ambivalent relationship with her father.

Clive Cussler Raise the Titanic this popular American author has combined his love of ocean research and classic cars with Dirk Pitt, hero.Formula fiction.

Joseph Conrad Heart of Darknessinspiration for the film Apocalypse Now, a journey up a river in darkest Africa based on a voyage undertaken by the author.

Herman Melville Typeecaptured by cannibals on a remote South Sea island, this was young Herman’s first and best-selling novel.

John Dos Passos USAone part of the trilogy deals with the author’s experiences working to stay the execution of Sacco and Vanzetti.

James Kunen The Strawberry Statementthe author was a student at Columbia University during a “takeover”by students in the early 1970’s.

Abbie Hoffman Steal This Book another relic of the 60’s, radical critic of the Viet Nam War, advocate of drug use…


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