Project #26842 - Water Crisis In Sudan.

      I.        1200 words -- Water crisis In Sudan, HARVARD REF


Int        introduction   (About 10% of total length)

---wider background information including stats and evidence with in-text references

---aims of the report – Tell me what the report is about (comparing different water supply methods and making a recommendation of the best one)

---outline of the report – tell me what the different sections of the report will be.


     II.         Background (15-20% of total length)

---specific location(s) – tell me which arid country you have chosen

---current situation – tell me what the water supply situation in Sudan is like.

---problems caused – tell me why they have water supply problems.

(stats and examples with in-text references required)


   III.         Presentation of options and requirements( 5-10% of total length)

(Keep it direct, clear and simple. Don’t discuss here.) Tell me the different methods of water supply you will be comparing.


   IV.         Comparison of option (50-60%  of total length)

Here you actually compare the different water supply methods.

1.     Option 1

2.     Option 2

3.     Option 3


A.    Requirement 1, e.g Cost – how much do the different methods cost

B.    Requirement 2, e.g  technology – what technology is used in your methods – is it practical for sudan.

C.     Requirement 3   e.g public acceptance – would the people accept (like) these methods.

                (Detailed information and in-depth discussion/analysis required. Stats and evidence with in-text references needed.)




    V.         Conclusions and recommendations  ( 5-10% of total length)

---Conclusions must address the situation and problems stated in the “Background” section.

---Recommendation muse be based on the “Conclusions” draw and feasible to solve the problems raised in the “ Background” section..


Sum up what the report has said. Briefly tell me what you have argued/compared. Then based on those comparisons what method of water supply do you think is the best for Sudan.


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Due By (Pacific Time) 04/07/2014 12:00 pm
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