Project #26784 - biology- research paper

I need a 2 page research paper based on one of these topics:

good soureces plz like from books for example


Possible Topics for Topic Summaries (or one of your own choosing)



1.              How long can we live?  Age–related changes in X ?

2.              What is the history and current state of organ transplantation?

3.              What can you tell me about (name a disease):

Malaria, schistosomiasis, blood vessel disease, cancer, dog heartworm, zoonoses, genetic problems, congenital birth defects, Alzeimer’s?

4.              How do aspirin, Tylenol, and Advil work?

5.              New developments in spinal cord injuries treatment

6.              Monoclonal antibodies for breast cancer treatment?

7.              Why does hair stop growing in some men?  How does minoxidil work?

8.              What have we learned from the Framingham Heart Study?

9.              What are the effects of smoking?  How long after quitting do they disappear?

10.           How was Viagra discovered?  How serious are its side effects?

11.           How do drugs (in general or a specific one) affect the brain?

12.           What are the differences in the brains between individuals (such as in memory, math ability, other skills)?  Are these innate (genetically determined) or subject to environmental influence?

13.           Is red wine good for your heart?  If so, why?


Marine Science

1.              Why do whales strand?

2.              The future of fishing?  Why are so many fisheries depleted?

3.              Marine mammal parasites, impacts for them, impacts for us.

4.              What causes red tides?  What effects do they have?

5.              The future of aquaculture?

6.              What are adaptations of marine mammals for diving?

7.              Pfeisteria? (In the Carolinas and other places)

8.              What is the current status of the North Atlantic Right Whale?  After 50 years of protection, why hasn’t the population recovered any better than it has?


Evolution and Environment

1.              The role of mass extinctions in animal evolution

2.              Animal diversity trends

- over geologic time, geographically (in U.S., in N.E., in Mass.), for particular subgroups (e.g. bird, amphibians, etc.),

3.              How many mosquito species exist in Massachusetts?  What is their significance?

4.              Why did the dinosaurs disappear?

5.              Introduced species issues?

6.         Bottleneck issues (I just read that all English sparrows are descended from a few set free in Central Park), cheetahs, other species.  It’ll be an issue in the future as we try to rebuild species from captive stock.

7.              Human evolution - where and when?

8.              Why do extinctions happen?

9.              How did parasitism evolve?

10.           What is the relationship between predators and prey?

11.           How does (DDT, dioxin, sewage, etc.) affect (animal species, birds, marine mammals, etc)?

12.           How will the new sewage outfall tunnel from affect animals in Massachusetts Bay?

13.           In Boston Harbor?

14.           Disappearance of frogs?

15.           Why do species live as long as they do? (i.e., 1 year, 5 years. 100 years?)  What is the animal which lives the shortest time, and the longest?  Why are there such differences?

16.           Would  you be comfortable on the beach in Hawaii?  Would a polar bear?  Why and why not?



1.              What is consciousness?  In what brain region does consciousness reside?

2.              Consciousness in other animals?

3.              Sleeping?

4.              Dreaming?

5.              Memory (short and long term)?

6.              Pepperberg Parrot

7.              To what extent is human behavior controlled by genes?  Are all behaviors controlled to the same extent?

8.              Human affairs through the lens of our current separation from the conditions in which we evolved?  We don’t have that basis, or compass, in the anonymity of the modern city.

9.              Kanzi (Savage-Rumbaugh)

10.           See # 7, adding the question about whether behavior will be changed (human nature will be changed?) by genetic manipulation.  I=m thinking of this in the context of a new heart disease treatment that stimulates angiogenesis in heart muscle by direct injection of a particular gene.  Could human behavior be altered by application of a gene?  How might it be delivered?  By air?  In the water?  This sounds like science fiction, but mightn’t large scale alteration of human nature be mediated by genetic means?  I was thinking of this in relation to the problems with have with human nature (see E.O. Wilson - Consilience) and environmental degradation, but any aspect of human nature might be amenable to change.

What makes a person attractive?   Why are different people attracted to different types?

If intelligence is so good, why is it so relatively rare (in other species)?

What is exclusively human?  Is it tool use? (no).  Is it Humor? (Maybe). Is it a sense of art and quality?  How do we recognize real quality vs. mediocre quality?

Why is the creative act so difficult, and so hard to define?  What constitutes a genius (in art or science), and why don’t geniuses always do good work?  Is there an age function?  (Early in career vs. later).  Is there a quantity function?  (One hit wonders)

Where do ideas come from?

Why is there such a need for mysticism in human nature?  For supernatural explanations of events?

In humans, why do styles change while some aspects of human nature never do?

Why are there leaders and followers?

Subject Science
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