Project #26729 - Bill of Rights

Write a 400- to 500-word paper that includes information on

The 5th amendment. Use at least two references in your


Include the following in the paper:

• Analyze the founding fathers’ intent in providing the


• Consider the evolution of the amendment as protections of

individual liberty throughout American history.

• Describe and analyze Supreme Court decisions that have

interpreted the amendment.

• Evaluate the implications of the amendment on current U.S.


• Propose implications for the amendment in the future.


Nevada Policy Scenarios


Complete the following scenarios related to Nevada policy.


1.     Western Water Policy


In light of population growth, Nevada must continue to seek new resources for water consumption. Options include working with farmers and states such as California, Arizona, Idaho, and even the country of Mexico. There are also various Lake Mead projects that could supply the needed water, as well as conservation projects within the state of Nevada. Write a 350- to 400-word response answering the following questions:


a.Can you project the potential role the state government will need to fulfill in this scenario?

b.Can you project the role the federal government might need to fulfill in this scenario?

c.How much of a role should the federal government play in western water policy? Explain your answers.



2.     Exploitation of Nevada Resources


A radioactive waste disposal company has recently settled a contract agreeing to dispose of radioactive waste for various nuclear power plants located across the United States. Company executives, following several meetings, have decided to pursue waste disposal at Yucca Mountain, a short distance from Las Vegas. Using Ch. 11 of The Sagebrush State as a guide, write a 350- to 400-word response answering the following questions:


a.In light of court decisions in the 1990s regarding control of federal lands in Nevada, why would eastern politicians and nuclear power plant owners show little regard for Nevadans who oppose storage of nuclear waste in Nevada?


b.Is there any aspect of the Nevada Constitution that would influence land-use policies such as the one in this scenario? Explain your answer.


c.In what ways can the Nevada state government play a role in important land-use decisions similar to this?



3.     Past and Present Gaming


Suppose you had the opportunity to develop a new casino in Nevada. Write a 350- to 400-word response answering the following questions:


a.What historic political, social, and economic trends could you reference to support the positive opportunity and benefits of building a casino? What current political, social, and economic issues might deter you from embarking on such a project?

b.Consider land-ownership issues.



4.     Alternative Sources of Energy in Nevada


The availability of land, sunlight, and other natural resources make Nevada an ideal location for alternative energy sources. Speculate on how Nevada could capture these resources to create a competitive advantage in their area. In what ways would this advantage be affected by political, social, and land-ownership issues? Write a 350- to 400-word response that considers political, social, and land-ownership issues relative to each of the following alternative energy sources:





            d.  Hydroelectric

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