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I believe there is 9 questions i need help on here with accounting asap



Question 2 of 20

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How much must you invest today at 8% interest in order to see your investment grow to $15,000.00 in 10 years?

A. $7,620.00


B. $7,500.00


C. $6,945.00


D. $6,330.00


Question 3 of 20

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If your cash outflows are $600.00 and your cash inflows are $1,000.00, you can increase your net worth by __________ .

A. $1,000.00


B. $400.00


C. $1,600.00


D. $600.00

Question 4 of 20

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The state lottery has just informed you that you have won $1 million to be paid out in the amount of $50,000.00 per year for the next 20 years. With a discount rate of 12%, what is the present value of your winnings?

A. $392,150.00


B. $398,150.00


C. $373,450.00


D. $221,950.00


To compute how much you would need to save each year for the next 25 years to allow you to withdraw $20,000.00 for the following 30 years, you would need to use the __________ .

A. future value of an annuity


B. present value of an annuity


C. both future and present value of an annuity


D. both present and future value of $1.00


Question 7 of 20

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To save for her newborn son's college education, Kelli Peterson will invest $1,500.00 at the end of each year for the next 18 years. The interest rate she expects to earn on her investment is 9%. How much money will she have saved by the time her son turns 18?

A. $69,027.00


B. $68,399.00


C. $61,952.00


D. $55,461.00


Cash inflows tend to be the highest in which of the following?

A. college


B. retirement


C. twenty years into a career


D. first job out of college


The concept of time value of money is important to financial decision making because __________ .

A. it emphasizes earning a return of interest on the money you invested


B. it recognizes that $1.00 today has more value than $1.00 received a year from now


C. it can be applied to future cash flows in order to compare different streams of income


D. all of these


Question 14 of 20

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Aaron wants to put $200.00 per month into an IRA account at 15% for four years. What is he solving for using his financial calculator?

A. present value


B. future value


C. interest rate


D. payment

If you invest $12,000.00 today at an interest rate of 10%, how much will you have in 10 years?

A. $31,128.00


B. $13,860.00


C. $25,940.00


D. $40,712.00

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