Project #26449 - profile essay

  1. The profile essay is also based on personal experiences since you are choosing a person who has influenced you.
  1. However, it is different from the Memoir because you have to organize the essay based on the important qualities of your topic. Therefore, it is not a narrative like the Memoir.
  1. The qualities you express in the thesis will become the topic sentences in the body paragraphs. You have to develop the ideas completely.
  1. You must add examples.


Length =1000 words/ 4 pages


Purpose = Information


Audience = General educated audience.




Once you complete the profile, you will be able to achieve the following goals:


·         Write an organized essay which has an introduction and thesis in the first paragraph.


·         Support the thesis with topic sentences.


·         Use appropriate examples to support the topic sentences.


·         Use transition between body paragraphs


·         Write a conclusion


·         Proofread the essay to eliminate grammar and punctuation mistakes.


These unit goals advance the following course goals:


1.      Demonstrate competent written organization, logic, and development.


2.      Distinguish between main points and supporting details.


3.      Demonstrate an awareness of purpose and audience.


4.    Apply proofreading, editing, and revising techniques.


To achieve these above goals, you will write a profile essay of 1000 words with a specific thesis statement at the end of the introductory paragraph. You will have topic sentences that start the body paragraphs. These topic sentences will be related to the ideas mentioned in the thesis. In the body, you will support the topic sentence with reasons and examples. You will sum up each body paragraph with a transitional word or clue that you can take up in the next paragraph.


·         For the topic, think about “people who have influenced you,” “people you have met at work or while volunteering,” “people who are doing things that you would like to do one day,” or “a place of special importance to you”  


·         Avoid any topic that requires you to do research (since you have to complete the essay in a week).

Subject English
Due By (Pacific Time) 4/08/14
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