Project #26448 - Write a detailed review of the essay " Violent Media Is Good for Kids"

Write a detailed review of the essay "Violent Media Is Good for Kids"



ï‚· Length = 3 pages (750 minimum words)


ï‚· Purpose: persuasion supported by information


ï‚· Audience: peers




Goals: at the completion of the assignment, you must be able to


ï‚· Demonstrate writing an introduction that captivates the attention of the reader


ï‚· Write a thesis with a clear opinion/reaction (review) of the topic.


ï‚· Create connection between thesis and topic sentences.


ï‚· Use examples to support the topic sentences.


ï‚· Use transitional ideas.




These assignment goals above align with the three unit goals:


ï‚· Write a review essay which is well organized


ï‚· Demonstrate writing a thesis statement with an opinion


ï‚· Use supporting examples to prove your point




These unit goals align with the course goals 1-7 on page 2 of the syllabus. Besides these general course goals, the student must be able to use “critical thinking to analyze texts.”




Write a detailed review of the essay "Violent Media Is Good for Kids" on page 102


Self-Checklist and Rubric:


Writing the introduction:


Use three steps in the first (introduction) paragraph:


1. Write 1-3 opening sentences that attract the attention of the reader 


2. Use the author’s full name+ title of the article (quotes)+ the information about the essay


3. Write a clear thesis with your reaction. Thesis should be specific. It should not be an announcement. Thesis should have your opinion+ the basis on which you feel this way. For this you must have three criteria or reasons to support your opinion.






Points for the first paragraph:




Body Paragraphs: Each body paragraph should include the following steps:


I First category + your opinion in the third person= topic sentence


A. Explanation: give details.


B. Supporting example from a chapter from the article in the book: write the quote/paraphrase from the author. Use quotations and use in-text citation (last name of the author page).


C. Analysis: write in your own words why this quote has good ideas. Why are




these ideas important? How do they support your topic sentence?


D. Sum up and add transition




Use transition between paragraphs – they should be ideas. You must introduce the idea (like a clue) at the end of one body. That will lead the reader to the topic sentence idea in the next paragraph. Therefore, transition is found at the end of a paragraph and at the beginning of the next paragraph.




ï‚· Restate the thesis


ï‚· Provide a final thought on the topic.




Subject English
Due By (Pacific Time) 04/08/2014 12:00 am
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