Project #26432 - Essai Comparison of two stories

Requirements: Your essay will be a comparison of any TWO of the stories you have

read for this Unit, i.e., the ones assigned for forum postings 2b-2g.

You will write an organized essay of 750 words minimum, with introduction, multiple

body paragraphs (probably 3-6), and conclusion. You will include a Works Cited at

the end of your paper, listing the two stories you are writing about.

You will argue for your own particular idea about the stories, citing specifics and using

quotes from the stories as evidence to support your thesis. Put your thesis statement in

bold (important: you will lose 10 points if you fail to do this).

Use quotation marks around quotes from the stories. See my document “How to present

quotations” under Resources.

Use only the stories and your own thinking about them. This is not a research

assignment. Furthermore, plagiarism from an Internet source will result in a 0 on

this assignment.


Note that I have posted separate documents on character analysis and writing about



1) Write an essay that compares characters from any two of the stories.

How to Write a Comparison/Contrast Essay:

The point of a comparison/contrast essay is not to just check off similarities and

differences, but to come to some insight that you might not have achieved if you had

just analyzed the two stories separately. So make a point with your comparison. [See

pages 157-164 in your textbook on the use of comparison as an “analytic tool.” This

is in Chapter 7: “Reading Literature Closely: Analysis,” found in your textbook.



To get some practice with documentation before your research paper, I want you to use

in-text citations as well as the Works Cited at the end.

Ordinarily an in-text citation following a quote would look like this: “Quote” (Chopin

141). But if you are dealing with two different stories by the same author, you need to

indicate which one the quote is taken from—if you have not done so already in the

sentence. Therefore, if you are writing about two of Kate Chopin’s stories, your

citations in the paper will include a shortened version of the titles: (Chopin, “Story” 67)

and (Chopin, “Desiree’s” 141). This format is used ONLY if you have multiple sources

by the same author; otherwise, use just the author’s last name and the page number.

As to your Works Cited: You can easily copy/adapt yours from the Works Cited at the

end of the sample student essay (163) on two of the Kate Chopin stories. Note that when

you have the same author listed more than once, you use two hyphens and a period to


show it’s the same name as above.

Subject English
Due By (Pacific Time) 04/01/2014 06:00 pm
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