Project #26243 - Journalism

There are five mini assignments, each one includes making one lead sentence that captures all the important details for newsworthy information. The professor is hard on students, he is easy to give F's. So please only consider this assignment if you are well informed in Journalism. 

#1:ASSIGNMENT #1 “Record Weather” (Text pg. 125) One (lead) paragraph only.

As always, you should pay particular attention (‘cause I will)  to accuracy, spelling, Associated Press style, correct handling of direct quotes, attribution — and your lead paragraph had better be easy to read, one sentence in length and under 25 words in length.


Please place your NAME on what you submit.



Record Weather

  • It is warm in Port Columbus, Oregon, where you work as a reporter for the Port Columbus Post newspaper.
  • Students keep talking about the unseasonable weather. Your editor tells you to find out what the temperature is and write a story about the weather.
  • You call the Port Columbus weather office and find out that the high "yesterday" (use "yesterday" in your story) was 82 degrees at 3:30 p.m.
  • It was the hottest temperature for this date since 1888.



Perot World

·      Press conference held at Middle Tennessee State University Administration Building.

·      Ross Perot, Texas billionaire, former presidential candidate, held the press conference. Press conference held in third-floor conference room.

·      Announced plans to buy local City Park in Murfreesboro and convert it into a theme park.

·      Park will be called Perot World.

•   Perot also is known for having big ears.



Plant Accident

·      Duane LaChance, 53, of Petal, a pipe fitter employed by Gross Engineers.

·      Company based in Petal, Miss.

·      LaChance suffered third-degree burns and was listed in serious condition tonight in the intensive care unit at Methodist Hospital.

·      Happened 3 p.m. today at Petal Municipal Power Plant, 222 Power drive.

·      LaChance installing new pipes on the roof of the plant when he accidentally touched a power line carrying 15,000 volts with a wrench.

·      Source for this information is Henry Rosen, project manager for Gross Engineers.



McCartney Illness

·      Peter McCartney, famous rock singer.

·      Voice has been reduced to a whisper following Bennett Auditorium performance in front of capacity crowd of 1,000 fans tonight.

·      Checked in the Riverside Hospital late tonight; exploratory throat surgery is scheduled tomorrow.



Faculty in Plane Crash

·      Associate Professor of Rural Sociology John Dumont and associate professor of English George Johnson, both from Backwater State University.

·      Were returning Thursday night from separate conferences in New York City.

·      Were aboard the same TWA jet.

·      Crashed on takeoff at Kennedy International Airport.

·      45 passengers and crew members aboard. Five persons were killed.

·      Two from Backwater escaped injury.

You are a reporter for the Backwater State student newspaper, The Backwash.





So this may look pretty easy, but again he does not give easy grades. 

Only one sentence each. 



Subject English
Due By (Pacific Time) 4/2/14
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