Project #26049 - Refocus Group

 Planning A Focus Group:






You are on the research staff at a large urban medical center, and you have been asked to assess




the current training needs of health educators working in the Young Men’s Clinic. The Clinic




directors would like to have the perspectives of the health educators themselves as well as young




men in the community.




Research Question: What are the current training needs of health educators working in the Young Men’s Clinic




Segmentation: Separate a group with Young Men in the community and Health Educators. 5 groups of Young Men and 5 groups of Health Educators with about 6-10 people in a each group. You as much people till you reach saturation.






1. Outline your plan for a focus group study. Keep in mind: What do you need to begin




any study? What are the specific components of focus group study designs? What




decisions do you need to make, and what decisions DO you make?










(This Part must be 2 Pages) Part 1




Requirements Note: it is not sufficient to tell me the design decisions you’ve made, you must also




• What questions do you need to ask the client so you




have enough information to make design decisions?




• What is the research question




• Who is the target population?




– Who specifically are you targeting for this focus group?




– How many groups




– How many people in each group




– Will you segment—if so, how and why




• Sampling method




• Recruitment method




explain why.




Focus Group Assignment




• Moderator




– What attributes does your ideal moderator have




• Level of structure




• Logistics of the focus group




– Where will it take place




– What do you need to have available at the focus








– Remuneration




– Other considerations you think are important




Part 2


The setup should look the same with formulated questions




Catagories of questions




Question Type                          Purpose




Opening-                                     Participants get acquainted and feel connected




Introductory-                             Begins discussion of topic




Transition-   Moves smoothly and seamlessly into key questions


Connect topic to individual participants






Key-Obtains insight on areas of central concern in the study




Ending- Helps researchers determine where to place emphasis and brings closure to the discussion




Write an opening, introductory, transition and 2 key questions for a topic guide that will




be used in the study. (Note: If you chose to segment, you only need to write questions for




one of your groups.- Pick and focus on the Young Men of the community.




(1 page length)




(Part3)- 1 page


This portion of the assignment involves writing a personal memo that reflects on your identity as




a researcher and how it might affect the manner in which you conduct qualitative research and




Based on the focus group planning option you chose-Young Men in the community please write a one page memo that




examines how your past experiences and beliefs may affect the research you would be doing for




At the very least, the memo should consider the following:




ï‚· What in your prior experience might affect the manner in which you approach research in




this setting? i.e. comment on any professional, cultural, or other subjective biases you




might have and their implications for the quality of the research and the validity of your




ï‚· How might you be perceived by the research participants and what implications might




this have for the quality of the research and the validity of your interpretations? –In this part you have to write the view point from a man from the community. Share experiences of others. Also how men and women perceive you?




Avoid writing a general account of your background and experiences, but rather focus on those




experiences, beliefs and purposes that most directly relate to your topic.




(This is an example of Part 2)


Categories of Questions: Example 1 “Heart Health”


Opening 1. Tell us your name and where you live.


Introduction 2. Describe a healthy person


Transition 3. When you think of Heart Health, what comes to mind?


Transition 4. Think back to the past several years. Tell me about any changes you’ve made in your diet, exercise or other habits related to Heart Health.




5. What prompted these changes? FOLLOW-UP:


Friends, family and neighbors Written information
Media messages
Medical advice


Physical health


Personal desire to change
6. Which of those mentioned was most instrumental?


Key 7. Tell us about the things you tried to do but discontinued; the changes


you tried to make but were not successful.


Ending 8. We are trying to help people make healthy changes. What advice do you have for us?


Things to keep in mind to address:


tep 6.) Logistics of Conducting the Group










   Respondent reminder


   Respondent remuneration


   Role of the moderator




Also keep in mind:The sampling of individuals will be qualitative


Subject Business
Due By (Pacific Time) 03/30/2014 11:30 pm
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