Project #25413 - IT Excel Business

To: Smith and Jones Business Consultants


From: Managing Director, Mensch Building Supplies




To whom it may concern


Mensch Building Supplies are an SME located in Hungary, Eastern Europe. We


supply specialist bricks for house building nationally. We also export our bricks to


Slovak Republic Slovenia and Romania. We classify our bricks into neutral shades,


red shades and hand made. Please find attached a data set. This data set provides


you with a sample of 185 orders (Figures supplied in tonnes). Could you please carry


out the following analysis and return this to me:


ï‚· Produce a suitable graphical representation which illustrates the number of


orders received in each of the four locations. Where do the majority of our


non-domestic orders originate from?


ï‚· Supply a graph which illustrates distribution of the total tonnage shipped


outside of Hungary and comment on the distribution of the data set.


ï‚· Calculate the most appropriate measures of average and dispersion for each


of the three categories of bricks. Please ensure you make it clear which


measures you have used and why.


ï‚· Find the probability that we will receive an order for the neutral shade bricks


which is more than 2250 tonnes.


ï‚· Find the probability of receiving an order for Red Bricks for between 4100 and


5600 tonnes.


ï‚· Calculate the minimum tonnage of bricks ordered for the top 10% of orders in


the neutral shade.


Once completed we will pay you up to £20,000 for this analysis. I’m afraid I am going


to be out of the country on business so will be unable to answer any queries you


may have. However, the analysis I require is fairly straightforward and I have every


confidence in your ability to carry out this work independently.



Subject Computer
Due By (Pacific Time) 31/03/2014
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