Project #25408 - Research Essay ROUGH draft

I need a research essay on one of the following Esports, Censorship, or Privacy. Here are some questions I have thought of that might help you but you do not have to use them in any way. A ROUGH DRAFT IS ALL THAT IS NECESSARY. I DON'T NEED AN INCREDIBLY BRILLIANT ESSAY JUST A ROUGH DRAFT THAT WILL HELP FULFILL AN ASSIGNMENT AND GET MY THOUGHT PROCESSES GOING. Please I need something that will help me start off, but this assignment is due and I need one soon. I need sources and the essay.

- Why do parents discourage children from gaming?
- When will ESports be recognized as a true sport?
- What is the future of ESports?

- Should porn be censored?
- Should piracy be enforced more harshly?
- Should we censor the internet?

-How do we know how private our lives are with social media and internet?



These are the source requirements for your research essay. For some you will make use of subscription databases through the Coastline Virtual Library, and for others you will make use of the internet and/or another library.

  1. Use the Encyclopedia Britannica Online for background information on your topic.
  2. Use at least two sources that you've obtained from the Proquest database.
  3. Find two to four other reliable sources at your own discretion. These can be books, magazine or journal articles, internet sources, or interviews.

You have a fantastic research tool at your fingertips, the Coastline Virtual Library. Please do the following to become familiar with the tools available for you. You can access journal, magazine, and newspaper articles without ever leaving the convenience of your own computer. In order to make use of the required sources for this class, you will need to do the following:

  1. Please access the Coastline Virtual Library: 

    Go to  Login to MyCCC.

    Click the "Student Resources" tab.

    Click the Library link in the right margin.  This gives you access to the Coastline Virtual Library, and there you'll see the Proquest database available free of charge.

  2. Scroll down the page to find the link to Proquest.  First watch the instructional video posted below the link.  After you have watched the video, click on the Proquest link.
  3. Once your are logged in, you should be ready to search.  Please note that you contact a librarian if you have trouble.  At the top of the page at the link listed above, there's a place to click for help.
  4. Encyclopedia Britannica is also available on this list of databases.  It is free.  If you reach a site somehow that tries to charge you, you have used the wrong path to get to this resource.  Do not try to access either Proquest or Encyclopedia Britannica through Google or another search engine.  Only access these sites through Coastline's Virtual Library in order to ensure that you are correctly reaching our free resources.
  5. You can find additional help for searching the Proquest Direct database by scanning Chapters 28 and 29 of your text. Proquest requires you to do "Keyword Searches," and your text gives you good suggestions in the sections titled "Conduct keyword searches," "Choose keywords carefully," and Use keyword strategies." Also take note of "Boolean Operators," since, like basically any search engine, Google included, Proquest operates using the Boolean system. (At first it seems scary and complicated, but read closely and the rules should make sense to you.)

Finding additional sources

While you may find all your sources through Encyclopedia Britannica Online and the Proquest Direct databases, you may also search newspapers, magazines, and internet sites.

A Note About Wikipedia

You are not allowed to use Wikipedia as a source for this assignment.  Wikipedia is generally not considered an academically-reliable source for this type of assignment.

Subject English
Due By (Pacific Time) 03/22/2014 12:00 am
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