Project #25207 - Sociology

Please answer the following questions.

I have atteched a file as well.

10 sentences each.

1.Describe the sociological imagination and apply it to one example using the distinction between a private trouble and a social issue.

2.a) Describe the dominant culture in the U.S. or other society and one value, belief or norm.
b) Describe a subculture in the U.S. or other society and one value, belief, or norm.

3. Define the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis and describe one example.

4. Describe the image of women in the mass media and how it reflects and reinforces female subordination and male domination in society using the film, Killing Us Softly3: Advertising’s Image of Women (edited version on YouTube).

5. Discuss the image of black Americans during slavery and after slavery and how the image changed in order to justify different forms of white domination using the film, Ethnic Notions (Laney AV library).

6. Describe how patterns of race, gender and social class are presented in the mass media such as prime time television or Hollywood films.

7. Discuss how unequal treatment (privilege vs. disadvantage) creates differences in individual behavior and performance using film, A Class Divided (pbs home video, Frontline; YouTube)

8. Describe the representation of masculinity in both hip hop and the larger U.S. culture using the film, Hip Hop: Beyond Beats and Rhymes (YouTube).

9. Briefly describe the economic base (the means of production) of each type of society and how it shapes the social structure of that society.

10. Discuss how female genital mutilation reflects and reinforces the economic base and marriage system (Dowry system) in pastoral society using the film, Abandon the Knife (uk guardian Kenyan girls fight genital cutting video).

11. Discuss how corporations and social media shape teen identity, interaction and culture in postindustrial society using the documentary Generation Like (pbs home video, Frontline).

12. Discuss how gender is socially constructed through nonverbal communication such as touch and body language using excerpts from Hip Hop: Beyond Beats and Rhymes “Shut Up and Give Me Your Bone Marrow,” and “Sisters and Bitches.”(You Tube).

13. Discuss how race is socially constructed through verbal and nonverbal communication such as body language using the video Primentime’s True Colors(You Tube).

14. Discuss gender differences in verbal communication using one example from lecture (See also Deborah Tannen).

15. Describe how groups and roles shape individual behavior using the Stanford Prison Experiment (YouTube: how evil is created by hierarchy) or other study or example from the text.

16. Describe how the modern corporation is a deviant institution and discuss one example using the film, The Corporation (YouTube).


17. Describe how crime is socially constructed using an example from the film, Grass (in class only), lecture or the text.

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