Project #25096 - statistics project




Submit the following as your term project proposal:


  • Project title (one sentence)

  • Description of the subject for your project (one or two paragraphs)

  • Why is this project important? (one sentence or one paragraph)


  • Which variables will you be using? Why?

  • How many observations? Why?

  • How will you obtain the data?

  • What techniques will you use to analyze your data and why?

  • What are the limitations of your data? How serious are these?

    Remember that the final presentation will be in the form of a statistical research paper. The methodology and statistical testing are essential parts of that but so are the problem statement, your conclusions, and analysis.


    Now that you've had some experience with the tests we cover in this class, it's time to put together a plan on how you'll analyze your topic data. You should be examining your data, determining if it is suitable for your investigation and if you need more data. This step of the project is very important. If you have questions, contact your instructor.

    The following is a list of acceptable tests:


  • regression line and equation; correlation

  • one-sample t-test

  • one-sample t confidence interval

  • matched-pairs t-test

  • two-sample t-test

  • two-sample t confidence interval

  • F-test for variances


  • one-sample z test for proportions

  • one-sample z confidence interval for proportions

  • two-sample z test for proportions

  • two-sample z confidence interval for proportions

  • chi-square

    Your report should analyze the data distribution(s) graphically and with summary statistics. It should also have at least two significance tests and a confidence interval.

    Explain what tools you will use to describe the data. Decide which of the tests would best analyze your data. List those tests, state H0 and H1, and describe exactly what you expect to learn from each test. If your data distribution is extremely non-Normal, check whether tests you are proposing would be usable.


    Submit the complete special investigation as two files: the text portion in a document file and Excel file for data and calculations. The calculations in the Excel file must be organized and easy to follow. If your calculations were not done in Excel, but rather one of the statistical software programs, indicate which program and which data columns in Excel you used. Output graphs and tables from the software must be copied back and shown in your Excel file, even if you have also included them in your document report. Use of a spreadsheet is required.

    Criteria for Evaluation

    Guidelines for Special InvestigationProject evaluation are presented in the Special Project Rubric in the course information documents.

    Project report is evaluated on these areas:


  • Problem Definition

  • Procedures

  • Analysis

  • Description of Results

  • Conclusion

  • Reflection



Subject Mathematics
Due By (Pacific Time) 03/23/2014 12:00 pm
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