Project #25090 - statistics mat 210

i need help with my final project of statistics. i will attach all info on project and here is a template for it.


MAT 210

Statistics Final Project











          In this paragraph, you will summarize your project and hypothesis about the topic covered.

          On the next page, you will begin your research paper. This may include some quotes, charts, graphs, etc. Any quotes, info, etc, should be cited appropriately. If you need help, visit the Online Writing Lab at Purdue University online, known as the “OWL at Purdue.”  There are also free bibliography sites to help you with the pages that follows at the end of the paper, known as “References”  or “Works Cited.”





























Statistics MAT 210-Chapter Assignments



Appendix A—here you will begin to cover your chapter assignments….


Chapter 1:  Presume you are interested in finding out more about Berks County residents and their awareness of nutrition. How would you set up the survey? Be sure to take the time to address various concerns we discussed in this chapter and use appropriate vocabulary. This should be at least a page long, and typed. 
















Appendix  B

Chapter 2: Select “Cereal Nutrition” in StatCrunch. Create three different graphs of one column of data, such as a bar graph, pie chart, etc. Explain your results.

Appendix C

Chapter 3: Use StatCrunch and use “Starbucks Data Set.” Find the measures of central tendency, standard deviation, boxplot etc., for CALORIES. Did you locate any outliers? What appears to be the best measure of central tendency? Are the results consistent, or is there a lot of variability? Why/ why not? What do you think of the results? (Use stat/ summary stats)



Appendix D

Chapter 4: Use StatCrunch. Look up “Starbucks Drinks”. What is the probability of ordering a drink off this menu and getting more than 30 grams of carbs? Analyze the data and write your own probability question and answer it.




Appendix E

Chapter 5: Use the “Nutrition Information for Fast Food French Fries”. Find the percentage of French Fries that have more than 25 grams of total fat (considered ‘unhealthy’). Use that to determine the following. If you know the probability of selecting an order of fries with a total fat content of ‘unhealthy’ is “xx” then find the probability that of ten students, seven or more would have a fry order labeled ‘unhealthy’. (use stat/calculator/binomial option)




Appendix F

Chapter 6:  Use “Cereal Nutrition”. Find the cutoff for the value that marks the HIGHEST 20% of sodium containing cereals. (use the stat/calculator/normal option)


Appendix G

Chapter 7: Use the KaitzProject-Local produce” and find a 95% confidence interval for both columns. Explain your results. Compare/contrast.


Appendix H

Chapter 8: Use “Blood Glucose Levels”  and test at the 0.10 level if the mean glucose level is 110. Explain the results.


Appendix I

Chapter 9:  Use the StatCrunch data set “organic food price comparison fall 2011” and compare at the 0.05 level. Is the mean price the same at Target ™ and WholeFoods™ for organic foods?

Appendix J

Chapter 10: Use the Nutition Information for Fast Food Hamburgers and find the correlation and the linear regression for total fat and calories. Use your equation to find the total fat if the calories for a particular burger ate advertised as 600.

What do the results show?




Appendix K

Chapter 11: Use the data “Exam Initiatives.” Compute a one-way ANOVA. (Responses in ‘Score’, factors in ‘incentive’). What do the results mean? Would it work to offer money to people to eat better? Why or why not?
















On this page, you will summarize your thoughts about what you learned about. Were you alarmed, intrigued, disgusted, amazed, etc? What would you as a researcher want to know more about? Will what you learn change anything you do? This is NOT a place for you to say “this class was hard” or “I hate math”….I know many of you feel that way. What I am trying to get you to do is think critically about what you found in your research and computations….just like researchers do!

Subject Mathematics
Due By (Pacific Time) 04/24/2014 12:00 am
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