Project #24867 - Law of Contract

Law of contract




This piece of work is aimed at testing your knowledge of the law relating to variation of agreements and your ability to apply the law to a set of hypothetical facts.


NB You are not expected to go beyond the scope of the material covered in lectures and seminars.


Learning outcomes


In completing this exercise you should have:

(a)           shown an understanding of the substantive principles of contract law in the area(s) covered by the scenario

(b)           been able to identify and explain clearly and concisely relevant legal principles and to apply them coherently to a practical context

(c)            presented sound legal arguments supported by relevant authorities

(d)           demonstrated a systematic approach to problem solving

(e)           constructed an appropriate response to the issue(s) raised by the problem

(f)            It’s the UK law not US



Instructions to Students


·      Word process your work and leave sufficient space and margin for comments.

·      Retain a copy of the coursework for your own records.

·      Hand in date: Saturday 15th March 11.59 (We strongly urge you to submit your work before 5.00 pm, as after that time, there will be no technical support if things go wrong.)

·      Word Count: Your answer should not exceed 1800 words, excluding footnotes and references.  Marks will be deducted from any submission which exceeds this limit and work, which materially exceeds the limit, will be returned unmarked.  You are required to indicate the number of words used at the end of your work.

·      Please note that the work must be submitted through Turnitin

·      You are required to cut and paste a coursework header sheet at the beginning of your work. 











John leased a wine bar in Greenwich from Maritime Developments Ltd, at a rent of £2,000 per month. Two years ago, the recession affected his trade badly, so he approached Maritime Developments Ltd to see if they could reduce his rent to £1,000 per month until business improved. Maritime Ltd agreed to do so.


In August last year, John’s mother died, leaving him £45,000, which he decided to use to refurbish the bar. He employed B&B Builders Ltd. to refit the bar at an agreed price of £40,000. John planned a grand re-opening of the wine bar on his birthday, 25th November.

B&B did most of the work, but on 14th November told John that they had seriously underestimated the cost of the specified bar fitments, and that they simply did not have the money to finish the job. John was anxious to go ahead with the grand re-opening on 25th November, so he told B&B he would pay an extra £3,000 if that meant the work would be completed on time. B&B agreed, and finished the work by 20th November.


The grand opening ceremony and the refitted bar were a great success, and John is now making a good profit each week. He has paid B&B Builders the original contract price of £40,000, but he now regrets offering extra, and thinks that he should not have to pay it.


Maritime Developments Ltd has informed John that they expect the full rent to be paid from next month, and also wish to claim arrears back to 25th November, as the recession is now over.


Advise John whether he is obliged to pay the extra £3000 to B&B Ltd, and whether he is obliged to pay the full rent and /or the arrears to Maritime Developments Ltd.


(You are not expected to consider economic duress.)


The Task


You are required to:

(a)  give a clear summary of the law (both common law and equity). It’s the UK law not US

(b)  apply the law to the facts, discussing any particular issues arising for each party.

(c)   support your arguments and conclusions with legal authorities (cases must be given full citations).

(d)  Provide a bibliography of all sources (paper and online) used in compiling your answer.



You need to use IRAAC structure method!


Subject Law
Due By (Pacific Time) 03/15/2014 11:59 pm
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