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Backers of a balanced-budget amendment to the Constitution might consider which of the following strategies?







A. seeking support for such an amendment through approval by at least 34 state conventions, as almost occurred in the 1980s



B. mounting a federal court case and seeking appeals to the Supreme Court



C. pursuing approval of an amendment in the House and Senate, to then be sent to state legislatures



D. collecting signatures to mount the proposal as a national referendum


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Question 2 of 20

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Which of the following men did not attend the Constitutional Convention?







A. Benjamin Franklin



B. George Washington



C. Thomas Jefferson



D. John Adams


Question 3 of 20

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The primary motivation of the Framers, according to Charles Beard, was to __________ .







A. protect their property rights through creation of a strong national government



B. provide opportunities for political advancement for the Framers



C. strengthen states’ rights in order to allow more effective resolution of property disputes



D. create an egalitarian system of property distribution


Question 4 of 20

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The federal agency that handles disaster response is __________ .







A. the Department of Defense



B. the Federal Emergency Management Agency



C. the Food and Drug Administration



D. the U.S. Congress


Question 5 of 20

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Which of the following relationships is NOT an example of the system of checks and balances built into the Constitution?







A. A Supreme Court decision can be overturned by an amendment to the Constitution.



B. A presidential veto can be overridden by a supermajority of Congress.



C. House committee decisions can be overturned on the floor of the House by a majority vote.



D. Presidential use of the military is limited by the appropriations power of Congress.


Question 6 of 20

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Which of the following was not an author of the Federalist Papers?







A. John Jay



B. James Madison



C. Alexander Hamilton



D. John Adams


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Some might suggest that the Constitution favored placing power in the hands of economic elites. Which of the following does not fit this argument?







A. the Electoral College



B. the election of senators



C. the Tenth Amendment



D. the presidential veto


Question 8 of 20

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Despite the principle of separation of powers, which of the following is an example of the president’s (the executive. legislative powers?







A. the power to set tariffs on imported goods



B. the power to recommend measures to Congress



C. executive review of Supreme Court decisions



D. the power to remove cabinet secretaries


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James Bryce believed that the Constitution was a fine example of __________ .







A. mass democracy at work



B. development of an oligarchical system of government



C. an incrementally improved system not far removed from the Magna Carta



D. a governing system that encouraged the proliferation of political parties



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Question 10 of 20

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The Constitution can be amended by __________ .







A. a two-thirds vote of each house of Congress and three-fourths of the state legislatures



B. a national referendum



C. a majority of the Supreme Court and Congress, with the president’s signature



D. a three-fourths vote of state legislatures and the president’s signature


Question 11 of 20

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The U.S. Constitution is approximately __________ .







A. 7,000 words



B. 30,000 words



C. 1,000 words



D. 17,000 words


Question 12 of 20

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The Articles of Confederation __________ .







A. established a “league of friendship” among the states



B. required nine states of the 13 to approve new amendments



C. did give the power of taxation to the Continental Congress



D. included a mechanism to coordinate the state courts



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Question 13 of 20

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Under the system of federalism, __________ .







A. only the federal government has exclusive powers



B. only state governments have exclusive powers



C. power is unlikely to be concentrated in one level of government



D. only state governments act directly upon the people


Question 14 of 20

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In the opening dialogue, the students considered the Framers of the Constitution to be __________ .







A. above politics



B. politicians just like modern ones



C. dead, white males



D. uneducated


Question 15 of 20

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Which of the following issues were not a major concern of the Anti-Federalists concerning the Constitution?







A. the new powers granted to the national government



B. ensuring that individual rights and liberties would be protected



C. preserving the powers of the states



D. ensuring that state criminal law would continue to be enforced by state courts



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Question 16 of 20

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Realistic application of constitutional principles depends on __________ .







A. the hypocrisy of politicians



B. the absolutist language of the document



C. an understanding of the motives of the Framers



D. current political relationships


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The Constitutional Convention __________ .







A. was a series of open meetings involving public input



B. was a set of secret meetings initially held to revise the Articles of Confederation



C. involved the governors of all the states in one private meeting to discuss creating a presidency



D. sought opinions of the public through a series of editorial columns in local papers


Question 18 of 20

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President Bush and Governor Blanco struggled to agree about how to respond to Hurricane Katrina due to __________ .







A. political differences and perceptions of incompetence by both



B. President Bush never having been in a hurricane before



C. Governor Blanco being a woman



D. Mayor Nagin’s lack of emotional response to the disaster


Question 19 of 20

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The Twenty-seventh Amendment __________ .







A. lowered the voting age to 18



B. reinforced the due-process clause



C. specifies parameters for congressional pay raises



D. liberalizes illegal searches and seizures



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Question 20 of 20

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The Federalist Papers __________ .  







A. were written to persuade the public to support ratification of the Constitution



B. were an attack against the Framers and supported continuation of the Articles of Confederation



C. were written by three of the Framers under the pseudonym Publius and published in the New York newspapers



D. Both A and C are correct.



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