Project #24337 - IT Management

This is an individual assignment. 

Case: Comfort Transportation, Singapore in Teo TSH, Srivastava SC, and Ho CK, "The trident 

model for customer-centric enterprise systems at comfort transportation, Singapore." MIS 

Quarterly Executive 5:3 (2006): 109-124. 

(The questions below are based on the above case, which begins from Page 112 of the article 

attached. However, I recommend that you read the article from the beginning, so 

that the case to make more sense.) 

Assignment: Respond to the following questions: 

1. Assuming none of the systems listed in Figure 4 (pg. 114) have been developed yet, 

which two would you assign as top priorities for Comfort Transportation? Why? What 

are the costs and benefits of these two systems? 

2. Comfort, for the most part, is a vertically integrated company in that they internally 

handle much of the business activities involved in operating a taxi service. In particular, 

they currently handle the following four areas of business activities: 

• fleet management (the maintenance and repair of all taxis) 

• taxi financials (purchasing all taxis and then renting the taxis to drivers) 

• driver recruitment/management, and 

• call dispatching (the processes associated with receiving taxi service requests 

from customers, and dispatching cabs in response to these service calls). 

Given Comfort’s business model described above as four sets of activities, which one of 

these four business activities would be most amenable to being outsourced and which one 

of the above four business activities would be least amenable to being outsourced? Justify 

both of these positions.  

3a. For the business activity that you argued for in the above question as most amenable to 

being outsourced by Comfort to a service provider, provide a strategic business case for 

this outsourcing initiative. In other words, what would be the nature of the primary 

benefits being sought through this outsourcing arrangement?

3b. Identify and describe a performance metric that could be used by Comfort to govern the 

outsourced relationship. 

4. What in your opinion are the biggest security threats to Comfort’s IT Infrastructure? In 

light of these threats, what defensive measures would you recommend that they have in 


5. Aside from the data collection and analysis procedures that Comfort already has in place, 

recommend one more data measurement process that can lead to better management at 

Comfort. Be specific in your descriptions of what data they should collect, how they 

should collect them, what would be the goal of the data analysis, and how it might help 



Write-up Guidelines: Please clearly answer the questions, i.e., do not respond in the form of a single essay. Write your response to the questions in complete sentences, i.e., do not just use bulleted texts, although you may use bullets to highlight certain points. In general, be analytical, and not descriptive. Do not simply restate facts, rather use them to support your analysis. 

The response should be no longer than 5 pages, and should be written in single-spaced 12-point font with one-inch margin on all sides. 

P.S No plagiarism


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Due By (Pacific Time) 03/08/2014 12:00 am
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