Project #24261 - Canada's Government

Imagine you are advising the Canadian government on a major global issue

Paper should be 4 to 6 pages, plus appendices and annotated bibliography


Select an issue

- Foreign Aid

- Military/Peacekeeping/Anti-terrorism

- Human Trafficking

- Development assistance in targeted areas (e.g. food security)

- Democratic development

- Religious freedoms

- Immigration / Labour

- Gender equality


Your task is to develop guidelines that will inform how Canada responds:

- identify the principles and goals that the government should address

- outline the rationale for these principles and goals.

1. Identify major elements and characteristics of the issue, including policy/ advocacy debates. Identify key global actors, including views of major Canadian NGO’s (non-governmental organizations) (1.5 – 2 pages)

2. Identify and describe the Canadian federal government’s (and where relevant provincial governments) historic and current views or policy positions on the issue (1.5 - 2 pages)

3. Offer policy recommendations based on your analysis of the issue and issues noted in the first two tasks. This should be informed by how you understand Canada’s role in the world, including an expression of Canadian values and interests, and how we act to promote them (1-2 pages).


Project Template (4-6 pages, plus appendices and annotated bibliography)

- The Issue (1.5-2 pages)

- Canadian Policy (historic and current) (2 pages)

- Conclusion and Recommendations: why your strategy is good/will work

relate to current strategies/values/identity (1-2 pages)

- Appendices (pages as necessary) – tables, charts, photos, etc.

- Annotated Bibliography (pages as necessary)


Research and Writing

- Research the issue you are looking at: The issue, including statistics. Key actors (government, business, NGO’s, academics, activists, etc.)

- Research Canadian policy

- Identify possibilities and constraints in your proposal to implement policy

- Link to course issues


Sources and Citation

- Use author-date system in brackets (Nimijean, 2013; Smith, 2012, pp. 13-15)

- No footnotes; bibliographic information in annotated bibliography

- Do not cite course lectures – do the research!

- Combination of policy and academic sources expected


Annotated Bibliography

- Bibliographic information

- Brief description of the source

- Brief account of how you used this source and/or how it helped you with paper

- Roughly 1/3-1/2 page per source

Subject General
Due By (Pacific Time) 03/31/2014 12:00 am
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