Project #2411 - Theatre Homework

Read Act 1,2, 3, 4, 5 of Twelfth night by Shakespeare


Then answer a 200 word response to this: First, name your favorite line of the play and say why you like it.  How does this line connect to any larger theme of the play? 

Next, name your favorite comic moment.  Incorporating some ideas in the lecture on Shakespeare and Comedy, explain what makes this moment funny.  How would you stage that scene in a production in 2013?  How, do you think, this scene would be staged on Shakespeare’s Globe in 1601? 


Then a 800 word response to this: Exercise option 1: Twelfth Night and Acting

For this week’s exercise, you will think about part of an actor's preparation, which we discussed during Week 5. Actors often develop their roles by examining the character's given circumstances, objectives, obstacles, and more. Choose one character from Twelfth Night, and one scene from the play in which he/she appears. Re-read the scene and observe the character in it, then answer the following questions about them.

Character's Name:

Given Circumstances
-Age (approximate):
-Place (of the scene):
-Time (of the scene):
-Relationship to other character(s) in the scene:
-Any other important facts we need to know about the character:

Character (3-4 sentences each)
-How would you describe him/her physically?
-How would you describe him/her vocally?
-How do other characters describe your character?  What does the character say about him/herself?

The Scene
Summarize the scene in 2-3 sentences: 
-List TWO of your character's goals in the scene (i.e. what do they want; what's their motivation for speaking):
-List TWO obstacles that keep them from achieving the goals (i.e. what specifically stands in their way):
-List TWO tactics they use to achieve the goals (i.e. how do they get around the obstacles):

Make sure you focus these last three questions on just your character and not the other characters in the scene.

Subject General
Due By (Pacific Time) 02/17/2013 12:00 pm
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