Project #24037 - Project Finite Math

Math 116 Finite Math

Project Guidelines


You will complete a project based on what we have learned in class so far this semester. The goal of the project is for you to see the role of mathematics in something that is interesting to you.


Projects must be completed individually and no two projects may be exactly the same.


You will write a brief paper introducing your topic (1 to 2 paragraphs) and including the relevant math as well as examples. You should also add why you chose this topic and if it relates to your career path (1 paragraph).  Feel free to ask me questions or for guidance at any stage of the project process.


Project Deadlines


The following is a summary of the important deadlines for the project. Please pay attention to these dates and make sure to turn everything in on time as your grade will be lowered for late assignments.


Deadline                                            Task Due

Monday, March 10                           Turn in a paragraph summarizing what you would like to do for your project.

Monday, March 31                           Deadline to talk to me to finalize your project plan (or make any changes)

Monday, April 21                              Final papers due



Project Syllabus


The following is a breakdown of how the projects will be graded. Remember, the project is worth about 10% of your final grade (the same as a midterm exam). See the rubric below for a breakdown on how the paper will be graded.


Assignment Points

Project Description 10

Everything on time 10

Paper 100

Total Points 120


Note that the project is worth a total of 120 points.






Possible Project Topics



1.    Learn about Venn diagrams with 3 sets. Survey a group of students on a topic (for example: favorite food – pizza, sandwiches, and/or hot dogs---look in your e-text for other ideas) and record the information you find in a Venn diagram.  Create questions that can be asked and answered in the form of a Venn diagram.


2.    Figure out the probability of each poker hand. Test your probabilities by dealing 50 poker hands and looking at how often you get certain hands (using one deck of cards).


3.    Learn about odds in relationship to sports betting.  Explain this concept and provide several examples.


4.    Gather data from one of your favorite sports and calculate probabilities for future games based on this data (for example: touchdowns in next game; interceptions in next game; chance of making the playoffs).


5.    Research the accidental death rate for the United States gathering data from 1950- present (as close as you can get).  Use this data to calculate the Least Squares Line for the accidental death rate.  (source idea: National Center for Health Statistics)




a)    Research the amount of cable subscribers and find the least squares line.


b)    Research poverty levels and find the least squares line


            c)  Compare the enrollment rates for females and males at this university and      calculate the least squares line for each to compare.


6.    Linear Programming Problem:  Insurance Premiums…..A company is considering two insurance plans with the types of coverage and premiums shown in the following table:



Policy A

Policy B










For example – this means that $50 buys one unit of plan A consisting of $10,000 fire/theft insurance, and $180,000 of Liability insurance.

a)    The company wants $300,000 fire/theft and at least $3,000,000 liability insurance from these plans.  How many units should be purchased from each plan to minimize the cost of the premiums?  What is the minimum premium?


b)    Suppose the premium for policy A is reduced to $25. Now how many units should be purchased from each plan to minimize the cost of the premiums?  What is the minimum premium?


7.     Linear Programming:  DeMarco’s Pizza shop makes two specialty pizzas, the Mighty Meaty and the Very Veggie.  The Mighty Meaty is topped with 5 different meat toppings and 2 different cheeses.  The Very Veggie has 6 different vegetable toppings and 4 different cheeses.  The shop sells at least 4 Mighty Meaty and 6 Very Veggie pizzas a day. The cost of toppings for each Mighty Meaty is $3 per pizza and the cost of the vegetable toppings is $2 for each Very Veggie pizza.  No more than $60 per day can be spent on these toppings.  The cheese used for the Mighty Meaty is $2 per pizza and the cheese for the Very Veggie is $4 per pizza.  No more than $80 can be spent on cheese a day.  Set up inequalities and graph to answer the following question:  How many pizzas of each kind should DeMarco’s make in order to maximize the revenue if the Mighty Meaty sells for $15 and the Very Veggie sells for $12.


8.    Research to make your own trail mix.  You should have only 3 ingredients.  You need to know the cost per pound. You must have one ingredient twice the weight of the other two.  Use systems of equations and/or matrices to solve the following:


a.    How many pounds of each should be used to create a 140 pound mixture that costs $6 per pound?


b.    How many pounds of each should be used to create a 155 pound mixture that costs $7.50 per pound?



Subject Mathematics
Due By (Pacific Time) 03/08/2014
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