Project #23783 - Percent Problems

Please do these questions i write some answers you will need on questions.


Section 3: Solving equations (Using data to make your best shopping decision)

A.     If you have or had a job, write down the approximate net amount that you get (got) paid each week. If you never had a job make an estimate of how much you could get paid working in your spare time.



B.     Assume that you will save $37.50 each week from your net pay.  Calculate the percent of your net weekly pay that you will be saving.


C.     Decide on an item that you would like to buy (that usually cost over $299.99).  Conduct a search to find the best price for this item. State the item, the sale price and the Web site where you found the item for this particular price.

-$400 State :NJ    Sale price :350


D.     NJ has a 7 % sales tax rate and the NY sales tax rate is 8 ¼ %. 

a.       In what state do you usually do most of your shopping?


b.      Calculate the final, after-tax, price that you will pay for the item.


E.      Assuming that you already had $50 saved, substitute all the known quantities into the formula that follows to create an equation with one unknown value. Solve the equation and determine the minimum number of weeks that you will need to save in order to have enough money to purchase this item.

(Final Price) = (Weekly Savings) (number of weeks) + (Amount already saved).

Note the minimum number of weeks must be a whole number correctly.

Section 4- Using data to make your best investment decision


The average total monetary gifts that high school graduates received range from $500 to $6,000 inclusively.

To celebrate your high school graduation, you received several monetary gifts from your family and friends. Assume that the total amount of monetary gifts you received fall between the stated range.


a)      How much monetary gift did you receive?


b)      You decided to invest your money by opening a 2-year Certificate of Deposit (CD).  Search the following website to investigate which bank will give you the best offer.  Identify the bank and describe the offer by identifying the interest rate, minimum amount required and the method of compounding.



c)       How much money would you have in your account at the end of the 2-year period?



d)      How much interest would you receive on your investment?



Subject Mathematics
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