Project #23544 - Stats HW




(Use function NORM.INV() )  #2,3,5



2.   Find the current 30 stocks that comprise the Dow

Jones Industrial Average. Set up an Excel spreadsheet

for their names, market capitalization, and one or two

other key financial statistics (search Yahoo! Finance or

a similar Web source). Using the  PHStat  tool, obtain a

random sample of 5 stocks, compute point estimates for

the mean and standard deviation, and compare them to

the population parameters.




3.   The weekly demand of a slow‐moving product has the

probability mass function:  

Demand,  x Probability,  f(x)

0                      0.1

1                      0.3

2                      0.4

3                      0.2

4 or more       0


 Set up the random number intervals needed to sample

from this distribution. Then using the first column of

random numbers in  Table   4.1   , generate 20 samples from this distribution and construct a histogram of the




5.  A government agency is putting a large project out for

low bid. Bids are expected from 10 different contractors and will have a normal distribution with a mean

of $3.5 million and a standard deviation of $0.25 million. Devise and implement a sampling experiment for

estimating the distribution of the minimum bid and the

expected value of the minimum bid.


9. Using the data in the Excel file  MBA Student Survey,

find 95% confidence intervals for the mean number of

nights out per week and mean number of study hours

per week by gender. Based on the confidence intervals,

would you conclude that there is a difference in social

and study habits between males and females?




For a) and b) use t- distribution, For c) and d) use z-distribution



10.   Using the data in the worksheet  Consumer Transportation

Survey,  develop 95% and 99% confidence intervals for

the following:

 a.   The mean hours per week that individuals spend in

their vehicles

 b.   The average number of miles driven per week 

 c.   The proportion of individuals who are satisfied

with their vehicle

 d.   The proportion of individuals who have at least one



14. If, based on a sample size of 600, a political candidate

finds that 318 people would vote for him in a two‐

person race, what is the 95% confidence interval for his

expected proportion of the vote? Would he be confident

of winning based on this poll?

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Due By (Pacific Time) 02/24/2014 07:00 pm
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