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PSYC 321: Social Psychology
 Chapters 1-4
Please choose the most correct answer from the choices provided (worth 40 

1. Richard’s friends’ behaviors are often subject to the positivity that 
Richard displays. He often helps his friends change their negative behaviors. 
Which of the following occurs when someone actively attempts to change others’ 
a. Social cognition
b. Social influence
c. Social intelligence
d. Social adaptation

2. Which of the following actions of an individual exemplifies kin selection?
a. Andrea donates her kidney to her brother.
b. Ryan lives in an apartment with his relatives.
c. Anderson helps his friends to increase his social status.
d. Jennifer establishes a family by marrying Charles.

3. Linda witnessed an armed robbery involving a group of Hispanics. After this 
incident, she develops a negative attitude toward Hispanics. Which of the 
following types of learning has occurred here?
a. Observational
b. Associational
c. Operant
d. Instrumental

4. Which of the following is an example of observational modeling?
a. A child studies well to obtain high grades.
b. A child imitates her brother’s behaviors.
c. A child behaves well to get rewards from his father.
d. A child learns to play a video game by trial and error method.

5. You are walking through a street. Of the hundreds of events occurring in the 
street, only a few would grab your attention. This means that the stimuli of 
those events were more _____.
a. controlled
b. common
c. representative
d. salient

6. How does the experience of embarrassment help people?
a. It helps them respond appropriately to situations where social norms are 
b. It is useful for changing the attitude of people who display proud behavior.
c. It helps people improve their collective behavior traits.
d. It helps people avoid criticizing the behavior of other people.

7. Which of the following is a primary emotion?
a. Distress
b. Tiredness
c. Excitement
d. Disgust

8. How do men and women differ in terms of emotions?
a. Women report being less open to experiencing emotions.
b. Unlike men, women do not experience secondary emotions.
c. Unlike women, men do not experience secondary emotions.
d. Women more accurately identify emotions in others than men.

9. Charles is the sales representative of a pharmaceutical company. He believes 
that he is an aggressive person and thinks that it is his personality that 
helps him become successful at work. This belief can be referred to as Charles’ 
a. self-complexity
b. self-concept
c. self-esteem
d. self-efficacy

10. Linda finds it easier to remember concepts when she relates them to her 
experiences. Which of the following effects causes this?
a. Framing effect
b. Halo effect
c. Self-presentation effect
d. Self-reference effect

Subject Philosophy
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