Project #23206 - Concert critique

 Write a concert critique three – five full pages, double spaced, 12


pt font, no cover pages, special graphics, concert programs or ticket


stubs. Some ideas:



Tell me about the setting, the venue, the lighting, and the crowd size:



Were most of the people attending the same age or are there a variety of ages




Was there more than one ethnic group represented?


Was the stage decorated? Were there props?


Was the group or artist wearing costumes or dressed simply?


Were there lighting or stage effects? Did you find this exciting or annoying?


Did it look like a sell-out or are there lots of empty seats?



Tell me about the acoustics (the sound environment):



Was the sound clear? Too loud or not loud enough? Distorted or muffled?


If possible, move to a different seat or area to see if the sound differs.


Take someone else along and use his or her opinion in your essay.


Tell me about the performers:



Was there a conductor? What do you think the conductor’s role is?


Did you find the conductor interesting to watch or distracting?


Did the musicians seem to be enjoying themselves or does it seem that they


were just “working?”


Did you think that the musicians were listening to each other?


Were the musicians paying attention to the conductor?


Tell me what you thought of the concert:



Did you understand the music that was performed?


Were you bored or excited by the music?


Did the audience seem to enjoy the performance?


Were there things that occurred at this concert that you have not seen before?


For instance, did the audience clap at certain times and you didn’t know why?


How did this concert differ from a pop music concert?


Tell me about your experience and mindset travelling to and from the even



Subject Art
Due By (Pacific Time) 02/25/2014 12:00 am
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