Project #23201 - Jazz & Popular Music in America


 Jazz & Popular Music in America




A.        Multiple Choice (1.5 pts. each) Choose the most appropriate answer. Pay especially


            close attention to items in bold lettering. If you don’t know the meaning of a term,


            use a dictionary.








1.         What effect did independent record companies have on early rock music?




a.         Allowed local and regional performers to gain national attention.


b.         Made rock music more inaccessible to youth.


c.         Forced the major labels to sign more generous artist agreements.


d.         counteracted the decadence that was apparent in the music found on major label releases.


e.         All of the above




2.         Which of the following best describes Buddy Holly?




a.         Led a band from the northwest that performed in the tradition of Bob Wills.


b.         Incorporated growling saxophone solos into his music, in the style of Louis         Jordan.


c.         Contributed a hit song to the movie, “Wild in the Streets.”


d.         A popular young Texas musician who perished at the age of 22.


e.         a & b




3.         Which of the following istrue of Bill Haley?




a.         Influenced by country music


b.         Used “vocal hiccups” as part of his style


c.         Incorporated growling saxophone solos in his music.


d.         Perished at an early age in a plane crash.


e.         a & c.


















4.         The term, “fusion,” evolved as a result of




            a.         the US involvement in a popular war.


            b.         jazz musicians incorporating elements of rock into their music.


            c.         R & B groups taking an interest in doo-wop.


            d.         The narrowing of the wide age difference between groups of listeners to jazz.    


            e.         none of the above




5.         FM radio was beneficial to San Francisco bands in the 1960s because




            a.         the stations were automated and did not need disk jockeys.


b.         a longer time format  (fewer commercials) allowed for extended instrumental improvisations.


            c.         AM radio was not available until the 1970s.


            d.         none of the above




6.         The music of Sly and the Family Stone




a.         squelched the hard driving beat of the blues.


b.         Was banned on almost all AM radio stations.


c.         featured James Brown as their lead singer.


d.         represented a no-compromise presentation of R & B music.


e.         b & d.






7.         Which of the following musicians did not influence Miles Davis?




a.         Jimi Hendrix


b.         Charlie Parker


c.         Wayne Shorter


d.         John Coltrane


            e.         John Mayer     




8.         Rock ‘n’ roll music is important in the history of American music because




a.         it marks the first time that the music industry identified young people as the         primary audience for popular music.


b.         it evolved from many locations and musical genres at once.


c.         it coincided with the emergence of youth culture in the 1970s.


d.         it marked an obvious shift away from country music as the dominant popular music.


e.         a&b.














9.         Androgyny is associated with




            a.         Glitter Rock


            b.         Grunge


            c.         Punk


            d.         Fusion


            e.         none of these




10.       According to your author, The Velvet Underground is associated with


a.         initiating the Punk movement.


b.         initiating the Grunge movement.


c.         initiating the San Francisco scene


d.         initiating Fusion.




11.       Which statement is true about Stax Records?




a.         It began as a place where young black and white musicians would gather to jam             and experiment with their music


b.         it was the only record company dedicated to soul music


c.         Isaac Hayes removed the lush strings and incorporated driving horns.


d.         The company was originally located in Omaha, Nebraska.






B.         Short Answers (1.5 pts. each)






12.       What do Jerry Lee Lewis and Little Richard have in common?




13.       Why is San Francisco important to rock music of the 1960s?




14.       What is the Urban Folk Revival?




15.       Describe the musical components of Latin pop music.




16.       Why have sampling synthesizers been controversial?




17.       What do Willie Mae Thornton and Janis Joplin have in common?




18.      Who are Huddie Ledbetter and Robert Zimmerman?




19.      Briefly describe the music of Carlos Santana.




20.       Briefly describe the “British Invasion.”




21.       What is the significance of the writing team of Leiber and Stoller?




22.       What makes Southern Rock different from Rockabilly?




23.       Briefly describe the legacy of soul music and Thomas A. Dorsey’s role in it.




24.       Who should Michael Jackson thank for inspiring his dance moves?




25.       What are the major differences between the Woodstock and Altamonte music festivals of the 1960s?




26.       What are the musical roots of Reggae?




27.       What eccentric American musician/composer is associated with the progressive rock


            movement of the 70s?




28.       In the lyrics and stage presentation of heavy metal bands, what is different between do American and     and British bands?




29.       What do guitarists Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, and Jimmy Page have in common?




30.       What is “Compression” as it relates to new music delivery formats?




31.       Name two major record labels of 1960s soul music.




32.       What musical writing team was known for strong hook lines, strong dance beats, and “disposable” lyrics?




C. True/False (1.5 pts. each)




33.       Jazz trumpeter Miles Davis was more associated with the Cool style of jazz during the 1960s.




34.       Rival proponents of Hip hop were Kool Herc and Clive Campbell.




35.       Jazz trumpeter Miles Davis was more associated with Fusion in the 1970s.




36.       R&B artist Ray Charles enjoyed and performed country music.




37.       The European art music tradition influenced Heavy Metal music in Great Britian in the 1960s and 70s.




38.       Fewer record labels dominated the music industry in the 70s than in the previous          decade.




39.       The Buggles were the first major recording stars to appear on MTV.




40.       The city associated with Grunge music is Portland, Oregon.




41.       Michael Jackson’s video, Thriller, had a major impact on the recognition of minority artists by the music industry.




42.       Chicago blues had little influence on British rock musicians.




43.       Chet Atkins was responsible for maintaining Elvis Presley’s spontaneous, energetic style.




44.       The phenomenon of teen idols in the music industry did not exist prior to the 1980s and continues today with artists such as the Jonas Brothers and Brian Ferry.




45.       Simple song themes presented with sophisticated production techniques is an                             important common trait Punk and Grunge.




46.       Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band was a typical recording from the Beatles early years.








D.        Essay questions (choose any THREE, 10 points each).  You must write in complete       sentences. Each answer should be a minimum of two paragraphs in length.




47.       Discuss five styles of rock ‘n’ roll that developed between 1954-56. Be sure to mention


            geographic locations, song titles, and important artists.




48.       What is the significance of songwriting team Lieber and Stoller to the history of popular


            music.  Be sure to mention artists, song titles, and major achievements.




           49.       Compare/contrast the emergence, style, and personnel of the Beatles and the Rolling      Stones. In your essay, be sure to include geographical locations and major influences.




           50.       Define the term funk (funky) as it applies to the music industry.




51.       The bands Yes and The Moody Blues were examples of the classical/rock fusion


            that occurred in the early 70s. Discuss how each band approached this fusion of


            two styles and how each band’s style differed.




52.       Discuss the major elements of Madonna’s success as a pop icon.




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