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SEC Project – Directions for the Written Assignment

Written Assignment. As stated in the Syllabus, for this assignment you will discuss your chosen company. You should introduce the company, giving a brief history and background, and will report on the company’s results for the fiscal year, based on the Annual Report (10-K) you reviewed.  Some of the information is about some of the items you have already looked for. Here is an outline of the things you should discuss


I.                   Introduction


a.       What is the history of your company? How old is it and who founded it?


b.      What does your company sell, and who are its customers? Are they mainly consumers or are other businesses your main customers? (Could be both)


c.       What is your company’s core business? Who are its biggest competitors?


II.                Balance Sheet.


a.       Assets. What assets were reported on the Balance Sheet you found on the 10-K?


                                                              i.      Current Assets. Were both Inventory and Accounts Receivable listed? Do these assets make up a large part or a small part of the assets. Give amounts. Define the assets you discuss and cite the textbook for your definitions (or whichever source you used).


                                                            ii.      Non-current assets. Your company will have at least one category of assets besides Current assets. Property, plant and equipment will be reported, so talk about those assets a little. You can say what you think those assets are. For instance, most retailers have a lot of buildings. Depending on the amount of detail, you might not be able to tell what PP&E consists of. If that is the case, describe the Balance Sheet in terms of how detailed it is. Are the other two categories of assets, Intangible Assets (including Goodwill), and Investments listed separately? Define the assets you discuss and provide a cite.


b.      Liabilities. What liabilities were reported on the Balance Sheet?


                                                              i.      Which category had the larger amount – Current Liabilities or Non-current liabilities? Define liabilities you discuss and cite your source.


III.             Income Statement.


a.       Revenues. How much did the company report for total revenues?


b.      Expenses. Did your company show Cost of Goods right below the Revenues? Did the company report Gross Profit? If so, how much were these two amounts?


c.       Net Income. How much was Net income (or Net Loss)


IV.             Conclusion.


a.       Make closing remarks about the results you found for your company. Were you surprised about anything? Did you learn anything about your company that you did not expect?


b.      What did you think, overall, of the SEC Project? Did it add value to your course experience or not?



Do not forget, the dollar amounts for your companies are reported in the millions or in the thousands. For instance, an amount reported in the millions as $75,399 would have 6 zeroes added, making the amount $75,399,000,000. In your paper you would report this amount as $75.4 billion. If your company reports in the thousands and reported that same amount, you should add 3 zeroes, making this amount $75,399,000. In your paper you would report this amount as $75.4 million.


The paper should be about two to four pages in length, single spaced, with one inch margins on all sides. Use 'headers' for sections. You could even use the above outline topics as your headers. Double space between paragraphs. The paper is your opportunity to use accounting terms and concepts from our class and relate them to a company of interest to you. I never deduct points for you having too much to say, unless it has been copied and pasted from a source. I will not accepted hand-written submissions.


The top of your paper should look like the top of this paper. Then instead of the title I have here, write your Title of the Assignment. You should have a separate References (or Works Cited) Page at the end. The References page is not included in the page count.


Use your own words. I use your written assignments to evaluate whether you understand the concepts and materials you are learning about in this course. Thus, you should explain in your own words, and then cite the source that was the basis of your knowledge about the topic. Do not copy and paste material. If you copy and paste any financial statements or areas from the SEC 10-K this will not count toward the page length requirement. Take care to avoid issues of academic dishonesty. Cite! Cite! Cite! Your works cited list should include the web address for your SEC 10-K, and our textbook. Any other resources should be cited in text using APA style. We use APA style for in text citations and for the works cited list.


Grading Rubric


This is the grading rubric I will use to evaluate your paper. The rubric will be copied and pasted to your graded paper, with my comments.



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Due By (Pacific Time) 02/26/2014
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