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Early 19th century – Nationalism began in France

1799 – Napoleon came to power

1801 – Peace established with the Catholic Church

1806 – Continental System established

1812 – Napoleon led his army of 600,000 men and defeated Russia

1815 – Napoleon was defeated by a combined British and Prussian army

The monarchy was abolished and a form of the republic was formed known as the Consulate, in which he controlled all executive authority of the government.

The power of the Committee of the Public Safety was reduced. Napoleon came to power in 1799 and established peace with the Catholic church.  He established the Civil Code was established which made getting divorces more difficult, as well as females inheriting property. He also established domestic policies which allowed people to get careers based on their talent, created a new aristocracy, and offered strong protection to property rights. Napoleon also established the Continental System, to prevent British goods from reaching Europe to weaken the British economy, but it failed.

A national language was formed, as it was seen as a way to unify people.

A Republic was formed as well, was formed

Peace was established with the Catholic Church in 1801

Catholicism became the major religion of the French


Ottoman Empire











Early 19th century – Brittain was governed by aristocratic land-owning classes

1832 – Bill passed by the Parliament to increase the number of male voters

1870 – 25% increase in laborers and their wages




Britain’s economy continued to grow, increasing the amount of laborers as well as their wages, increasing up to 25% by 1870

Because of the Reform Act of 1867, which assisted Britain in becoming more democratic, the number of voters increased from one million to two million by extending the voting rights of people

The number of male voters increased

Wages for laborers in the middle-class increased

The number of voters increased from one million to two million


Late 19th century – Restored centralized, autocratic government and established nationalism




Ausgleich was established, which gave each area of the empire their own constitution, legislature, government bureaucracy, and capital

The Ausgeich system was established

A duel monarchy of Austria-Hungary was created

Britain became democratic


















1785 – Law passed which excused the nobles from taxes

March 3, 1861 – Alexander II issues an emancipation edict

1881 – Alexander II was assassinated




Nobles were exempt from taxes in 1785 after Catherine the Great passed a law

An emancipation edict was issued which allowed peasants to own their own property and marry who they choose

The government gave land to the peasants, allowing them to support themselves. The peasants still had to pay for their land though, and were subject to the authority of mir, who collected the land payments for the government

Peasants were able to own their own property and marry people of their choice

Mir were placed in charge of peasants to collect their taxes

Peasants were tied to their land and weren’t able to leave it

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