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Assignment #1: PowerPoint


See Moodle Drop Box for Due Date






This assignment is designed to develop your PowerPoint skills.  You will develop a PowerPoint slide show with 8 – 12 slides, which incorporate a wide variety of PowerPoint features. 




The topic of your slide will be a hobby or activity you enjoy.  For example, cooking, rock climbing, hiking, reading mystery stories, etc.  Pick something that you find genuinely interesting—that will make the assignment more fun.  Also, if you know something about the subject matter, it will allow you to focus your effort on using PowerPoint—that’s the point of this assignment.




This assignment is more about your creativity and the visual impact of your presentation and to ensure that you know how to incorporate the various required PowerPoint features than it is about the actual content.  Please be aware that in a real PowerPoint presentation, it is very unlikely that you would use all of the features required here, but here our objective is that you are aware that the features exist and you know how to use all of them if and when necessary.




Your primary tasks in this assignment are to:


1.      complete a PowerPoint presentation exactly as described below;


2.      upload it to this Moodle assignment drop box before the deadline


·         Emailed assignments or those submitted by any other means will NOT be accepted


·         Assignments will NOT be accepted after the deadline




You are responsible for creating your own PowerPoint file from scratch, and for doing all the work in your assignment yourself. You may discuss the assignment with other students and show each other how you completed a given step.  However, you must turn in your own file, in which you did all the work yourself.  If you turn in a copy of another student’s file, both students receive a 0 for the assignment.









1.      Name your PowerPoint file:                       BBUS1370_Assign1_LastnameFirstname.pptx




For example, if I were turning in the assignment I would name my file






Files must follow this naming convention to receive credit.  If your filename doesn’t follow this format it is the same as not turning in any assignment. 




2.      When you complete your assignment submit it before the deadline to the Drop Box set up on Moodle. 




To receive credit for this assignment it must be submitted before the deadline and it must be submitted via Moodle Drop Box.  Submissions will not be accepted via email or any other method.






Items 1 and 2 are not uncommon requirements in business.  When organizations put out Requests For Proposals (RFPs) they will have a deadline for submission and they usually provide a specific format for proposals.  Proposals that are late or do not follow that format are rejected unread.  Make sure you don’t lose credit (or in your future career, money) over basics like this.




Keep track of where you find any pictures, files or other materials you use in your presentation.  The final page will be titled Sources and you will need to list the links to any materials you used.




3.      Choose a Template or Theme to use for your presentation.




You may use any template or theme you wish for your presentation.  Think about your subject matter, your personal preferences and what looks good to you.  Chose something you think looks good.




4.      Add a Title Slide with (a) the subject of your presentation, (b) course, (c) assignment, (d) your full name, (e) student ID, (f) date and (g) a picture.  Information you should include shown below.  Feel free to be creative with the way you layout your title slide.






5.      The second slide will be a Table of Contents for the rest of the presentation. 




6.      Use slide transitions throughout the presentation.




7.      At least one slide should use a PowerPoint table.


8.      At least one slide should contain a bulleted list and be fully automated so that the slide and each bullet point on it automatically display “after previous” (ie. does not require mouse clicking) based on timings you create. There should be at least 2 seconds delay between the display of each slide object and bullet so the delayed advance is obvious. After all objects on the slide are displayed, the presentation should automatically advance to the next slide after 7 seconds.


9.      Auto-play an audio clip on one slide. (Hint: Keep the clip short so your file size remains manageable.)


You can either record your own Audio like I do for Monday PowerPoints, or you can use an Audio clip you download.  (Make sure to include the link to the webpage you got your Audio clip from on the Sources page described below.)




10.  Embed a YouTube video clip on any slide (you can assume there is an active internet connection available when the user goes to play the video).


11.  Use a faded (ie. partially transparent) image as background for at least one slide. (Hint: The image you use must be added as the slide background to enable the transparency option.)


12.  Your last slide will include your Sources.  Any materials you did not create yourself (whether you found them online, in print, etc.) should be listed here. Include a description of the materials, the slide it is used on and either a link to the wepage where you found it (if it was online) or the information on the book/article you got it from if it was print. This includes any photos, videos, sounds files, movies, text or other materials that you did not create yourself.




13.  Using the Notes Page view, add notes that contain your name and student ID to the last slide in your presentation.




14.  Use the slide master to (1) include footers on all slides except for the title slide (the footer should contain your hobby/activity); and (2) put automatic page numbers on all slides except for the title slide.


Subject Business
Due By (Pacific Time) 02/07/2014 12:00 am
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