Project #22115 - Jazz & popular music in America


Multiple Choice (4 pts. each) Choose the most appropriate answer. Pay especially


            close attention to items in bold lettering. If you don’t know the meaning of a term,


            use a dictionary.






1.         What do the hit songs “I Fall to Pieces” and “It Wasn’t God Who Made Honky Tonk


                       Angels” have in common?




a.         They were both recorded by crossover artists.


b.         They were both crossover hits


c.         They were both recorded by child stars


d.         They were both recorded by female country singers.




2.         What is true about country music that differentiates it from other American genres?




a.         Maintains a connection with rural values


            b.         Draws subject matter primarily from urban life       


c.         Ability to tell a story in the southern tradition


d.         Sung primarily by male artists


e.         a&c




3.         How did radio contribute to the early commercialization of popular music in the southern United States?




a.         Provided support for international record companies


b.         Increased the popularity of local entertainers


c.         Provided an outlet for nationally-known performers


d.         Lessened the market for race records




4.         Your author considers _________________ as the father of country music.




a.         Johnny Cash


b.         A. P. Carter


c.         Ralph Peer


d.         Jimmie Rodgers



Multiple Choice – Cont…






5.         The sentiments found in folk and country songs of 19th century America are in part the result of




a.         the hopelessness of being poor


b.         a reaction to the cold informality of the Church of England


c.         overstatements of male strength and virility


d.         all of the above




6.         America’s number one singing cowboy was 




a.         Bill Monroe


            b.         Jimmie Rodgers


            c.         Gene Autry


            d.         Tioga Texas


            e.         None of the above




7.         During the Depression record producers




a.         scouted for Hillbilly talent


b.         dropped country artists from there catalogs


            c.         began writing for the movie industry


            d.         added Hawaiian guitar to recordings




8.         Which artist expressed in song, disappointment in the growing insincerity of country         music artists?




a.         Loretta Lynn


            b.         Johnny Cash


            c.         Glenn Campbell


            d.         June Carter


            e.         Alan Jackson




9.         __________________ country music divided into two distinctive camps, one featuring southern moralistic and conservative values, and the other placing emphasis on southwestern blues and pop-oriented styles.




a.         In the 1950s


            b.         By 1929


            c.         In the 1960s


            d.         In the first decade of the 20th century


            e.         In the 1940s



Multiple Choice – Cont…






10.      Which one of the following was not associated with Rockabilly?




           a.           Carl Perkins


           b.           Hank Williams


           c.           Buddy Holly


           d.          Jerry Lee Lewis




B.        Short Answers (4 pts. each)




11.       What is the significance of the two songs, “Tennessee Waltz” and “He’ll Have to Go,”


            with regard to the success of country music?






12.       Briefly discuss similarities and differences between the singing styles of Gene Autry and Perry Como.






13.       Name two song genres/types established by Tin Pan Alley writers that contributed to the early success of “hillbilly” music.






14.       Describe Redneck Rock. Include people and places associated with it.








15.      Briefly describe the life and musical contributions of Patsy Cline.








16.      What lead the Grand Ole Opry to worldwide fame?








C.        True/False (4 pts. each)




17.       Child ballads were written by Francis James Child.




18.       Tin Pan Alley embraced Hillbilly and country music.




19.      Alan Jackson and George Strait are associated with Traditional Country.




20.       The Bakersfield Sound avoided the new lush timbres of the Nashville Sound.

D.        Essay questions (choose any TWO, 10 points each).  You must write in complete         sentences.  Each answer must be a minimum of two paragraphs in length.






21.       Describe a traditional English fiddle tune? How did this style of music influence country music in the United States?




22.       Who was Ralph Peer and what were some of his contributions to commercially recorded popular music?




23.       What is Outlaw Country? Where and why did it develop? Compare it to another commercial style of country music.




           24.       What was the importance of Acuff-Rose Publications to the country music industry?




25.       What American city is known as Music City USA? What are some of the reasons for this?






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