Project #2195 - Interview Report

Your report should be four-to-five pages long, double-spaced paper formatted according to APA guidelines for citation and formatting. The cover page and reference page are not included in the length of the paper.

•             Content: Relevance of the content as to the specific assignment requirement. Accuracy and currency of the information

•             Reasoning: Clarity, coherence, and cohesiveness of the analysis.

•             Writing Style: APA formatting guidelines are followed. • Correct spelling, grammar, word choices, and sentence fragments . Clear and complete organization of the report or assignment with fluent transition.


To assess your ability to:

  • describe the education, training, and credentialing unique to healthcare professionals
  • describe the attributes and characteristics of healthcare organizations that promote and optimize an effective work environment for healthcare professionals
  • follow professional formatting guidelines when producing a formal report


You will now construct a written report of the interview findings. (findings will be sent)

Action Items

  1. You have identified a healthcare professional and conducted an interview with that person. Now compose an interview report and include the following elements:
    • Interview:
      • Identify the professional and the organization they work in.
      • What are the traits of this professional? What do they do and why do they do it? What are their values and motivation?
      • Describe their daily tasks, assignments, and routines.
      • What is their role relative to patient care?
      • Who are other professions they interacted with and why?
      • What effective communication strategies do they use when working with others?
      • What professional organizations do they belong to too?
      • Ask them to describe one conflict with a fellow worker or colleague and how they resolved that conflict.
      • Ask them to describe one situation where they have handled a disgruntled patient.
      • How do they stay current in their field? Do they have a license or certification that requires continued renewal or ongoing educational credit?
    • Observations:
      • Describe any changes in your perception of this profession after your interview experience. (I will need to complete this)
      • How do, if at all, their major values and culture of the profession differ from your initial perceptions of the position and of their profession?
      • Identify three strategies you would use with this profession to build understanding and foster mutual respect and effect change.
    • Conclusion – Summarize what you learned from this exercise.

To earn credit for this assignment, you must submit your paper to


Subject Business
Due By (Pacific Time) 02/10/2013 01:00 pm
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