Project #2176 - Forming the Team

Healthcare Management

Project: Managing Individual Professionals 
Forming the Team


·         Format your paper according to APA guidelines. The cover page and reference page are not to be included in the length of the paper.


·         Writing Style: APA formatting guidelines are followed. • Correct spelling, grammar, word choices, and sentence fragments . Clear and complete organization of the report or assignment with fluent transition


To assess your ability to:

  • describe the education, training, and credentialing unique to healthcare professionals
  • describe the attributes and characteristics of healthcare organizations that promote and optimize an effective work environment for healthcare professionals


 This week you will review your classmates’ reports and assemble a team to serve as an advisory board in your organization. (reports will be sent)

Action Items

  1. Review the interview reports in the class topic area, (will send later)
  2. Choose at least four other professionals you would select to be on an organizational team, make sure to have a diverse group of professionals on your team.
    • Select your team members from the professionals who have been interviewed by your classmates. (will send later)
    • Your team must include:
      • the healthcare professional you interviewed (will send later)
      • a minimum of two other classmates’ healthcare professionals (will send later)
    • You can use four healthcare professional from your classmate’s projects, or 2 from your classmates and create 2 ideal professionals to include in your team
  3. Your team will address the following issues for a make believe organization that you are the CEO:
    • Professional Training and Development
    • Patient Grievances
  4. In a 3-4 page report, outline the following:
    • Who you have selected to be on the team and why?
    • Communication strategies within the group?
    • Potential barriers to effective communication?
    • Stake holders the group should consider when making decision?
    • Methods you would use to manage you team?

Subject Business
Due By (Pacific Time) 02/15/2013 09:00 pm
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