Project #21524 - Business Basics


Martha is president of Apex Training Co. Before launching Apex, she was


vice president of marketing for Globus Training, a company that earned $125


million in training revenues annually. She was instrumental in Globus growing at


a 25% rate per year over a period of four years. She left Globus and set up her


own training company because she believed that she could be as successful


running her own business as she was in helping Globus to grow.




After six years of operation, Apex is generating $42 million in revenues,


split evenly between public seminars and in-house programs at client sites.


When reviewing her books, her accountant tells her she has done a great job


establishing a business. But he expresses concern about the fact that she is


running the business as a sole proprietorship. He suggests that while the sole


proprietorship may have made sense during her earliest start-up stage, she had


perhaps outgrown that legal structure.






In responding to the following questions, avoid talking in theoretical generalities. Make sure your comments would be useful to Martha if she had a chance to review them. Your advice should be pertinent to her specific business – remember, she is running a training company, not a retail or manufacturing business.




  1. Why did it make sense to establish Apex as a sole proprietorship at the time it was launched?

  2. What do you think were the accountants’concerns about running Apex as a sole proprietorship?

  3. What relative advantages and disadvantages would Martha face if she structured Apex as a partnership or LLC?

  4. The accountant talked about outgrowing the sole proprietorship structure. Is it possible to employ a sole proprietorship structure for larger, mature businesses without them “outgrowing” the structure?




Paper should be no longer than three pages long, single spaced, times new roman 12PT font.

Work will be verified for plagiarism before any payment is rendered with any noted being referred to site admins for action.

This is for U.S. academic purposes. Do not attempt this assignment if you do not have a good understanding of written U.S. English grammar. Trust me, it is quite evident and obvious if you do not.

This is a fairly easy assignment - 50 dollars for three pages of work - so any bids higher than that listed will not be accepted.

Subject Business
Due By (Pacific Time) 01/30/2014 12:00 am
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