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Update: January 18, 2014


 MKT371: International Marketing

Instructions for Country Project

The purpose of this team project (Country Project) is to familiarize you with an assigned country and its geo-politico-socio-economic background. Before a company can think about exporting its products or services to foreign countries, it must study, analyze, and evaluate the background information of target countries.

Each student has been assigned a country randomly. Do not use another country than the one assigned to you. You will have to re-do the project if incorrectly chosen your country. The reason I have done this is to have a variety in country projects.

For your assigned country, you must collect the following information and organize your project accordingly.

Cover page: Your Full Name, MU-ID, Assigned Country

Content page: Table of Contents with page numbers

Summary page: A brief executive summary of your project

Main body: as follows:

1. Country’s geography (1-2 pages in an outline format)

a. location

b. land area

c. border countries

d. climate

e. terrain (rivers, coastline, lakes, mountains, etc.)

2. People (1-2 pages in an outline format)

a. population

b. population and birth rates

c. Ethnic groups

d. major religions

e. official language; other major languages spoken

f. literacy rate

3. Type of government (1-2 pages in an outline format)

a. Political system

b. main political parties

c. legal system

d. diplomatic representation in the U. S. (embassy and consulates)

e. Country’s capital city



4. Economy (1-2 pages in an outline format)

a. Gross Domestic product (in $ and growth rate)

b. Current economic condition

c. major exports; percentages

d. major imports: percentages

e. major trading partners

f. currency and its rate with US $

f. major industries


5. Communication infrastructure (1-2 pages in an outline format)

a. telephone system

b. radio broadcast stations

c. TV broadcast stations

d. internet country code

e. Internet service providers

6. Transportation infrastructure (1-2 pages in an outline format)

a. railways

b. highways

c. waterways

d. airlines, major airports

e. major ports (if any)

Note: Sections 1 through 6 should be in an outline format.

7. Common business customs/etiquettes with regard to: (1-3 pages)

a. customs when dealing with foreigners

b. punctuality

c. giving and receiving gifts

d. dealing with women managers

e. Business negotiations

f. business –related superstitions and taboos


8. Your opinion (about 5-7 pages long)

Based on Sections 1 through 7 and your experience, if any, narrate your opinion on the following issues: How compatible is the culture of the assigned country with USA in terms of (i) technology, (ii) cultural values, (iii) economy, and (iv) business customs.

9. Exporting (about 1-2 pages): If you were to export a product or 3


service (of your choice) to the country assigned to you, what potential problems/barriers you might come across when exporting the product and how will you overcome them, given the information you complied above?

10. Images: map of the country, flag images on clothing, people, transportation, etc. You can paste and copy them in your project. There must be at least 10 images.

11. Cite references properly (including WWW, etc.) in the bibliography.

12. DO NOT plagiarize in Parts 8 and 9 (Your Opinion and Exporting). It is considered as academic dishonesty and will be penalized accordingly.

13. Use appropriate headings/subheadings to organize your project.

14. The above outline is for your guidance. You can use your creativity and imagination to collect more information. The more, the merrier.

15. Your project must be typed, single-spaced, 12 font –size of Time New Roman, MSWORD.   

16. If you have not been assigned any country, please contact me immediately. No matter, it is your responsibility to make sure you have been assigned a country for your project.

17. Here is a few links where you find a lot of online sources:


What sources you will use to gather information is up to you. I assure you there is plenty out there, thanks to the Internet and university libraries. So, do not be shy in collecting information for this project.

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Due By (Pacific Time) 02/05/2014 12:00 am
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