Project #21331 - Professional Selling Project

Product Demonstration

You will be required to present a demonstration of a product (good or service) of your choice using video-
conferencing. This is not an infomercial, but a sales pitch to investors who might want to invest in the

company you are representing (think “Shark Tank”).

Products should be items with which you are very familiar. Controversial or inappropriate items are not

allowed. If the instructor is misled as to the item’s purpose, there will be a severe penalty and the

demonstration will not be graded. The instructor must approve the item by date indicated on course

outline. You will “sell” your product to a venture capitalist, the instructor, through communication of

benefits and exhibition of product attributes. You must compare/contrast your product with substitute or

competing goods. The demonstration evaluation form lists all areas that must be covered in no more than

five minutes. All material used in the product demonstration must abide by student conduct guidelines.


Sales Proposal Package
The textbook Power Tools holds the most complete instructions for the sales proposal. Each chapter of

the Power Tools text refers directly to a section of the proposal. There are comprehensive checklists and

tips for success included in each chapter. It is strongly recommended that you push the limits of your

creativity to produce a package that is visually appealing and persuasive.

Proposal Sections Value
Seller’s Profile
Financial analysis
Proposal persuasiveness  With video upload

The three sections are to be turned in electronically to Canvas on the dates indicated on the syllabus.

Each section should be your best work. Once graded the grade will not change. The proposal

persuasiveness grade will be determined based on the corrections made in each section and the overall

look and persuasiveness of the final sales proposal to be uploaded with your video presentation.


Sales Presentation

One of the key objectives of this course is the improvement of presentation skills. The final sales

presentation is your opportunity to showcase all you have learned. You are responsible for submitting a

video of your presentation by the due date. The graduate assistant is available for help with the technical

aspect of this assignment. The video will be a valuable contribution to your portfolio when competing for

a starting position in your field. Your presentation number determines your presentation due date. Check

the course outline for your presentation date.

You may choose the product or service you would like to sell, but it must be legal, appropriate, and

approved by the instructor. You also need to choose an organizational (B2B) buyer. There are tips to help

these decisions posted on CANVAS under FAQ for choosing buyer/seller.

Please refer to the specific evaluation sheet posted on CANVAS, for a complete list of grading

requirements. You will need to use all the elements of the sales presentation mix listed on the evaluation

form. The sales presentation uses your written sales proposal as a guideline. You should not read the

proposal word for word during the presentation. You should also bring additional visual material to

increase the impact of your presentation. Where and when you incorporate them will depend on the

situation. As a salesperson, you must be able to develop your own presentation style, but certain elements

are necessary. “Scripted” or “read” presentations will be severely penalized. Time limit is 10

minutes MAXIMUM. Your final sales proposal is to be posted to CANVAS with your presentation. The

quality of your video does impact your grade. Be diligent in checking sound and video quality before

submitting to CANVAS. Any questions contact the GA for help.


Buyer Role

Each of you will select a buyer from the class to play the role of the organizational buyer for your sales

presentation. In addition, each of you will perform the same function for a fellow classmate. It is your

responsibility to find a student buyer. Your buyer grade will be based on your effectiveness and level of

preparation. This does not mean making it easy for the seller. Nor should you be obstinately difficult. As

a buyer, you will need to be educated and prepared. It is hoped that you will do this out of respect for

your seller. After all, a sales presentation is dyadic, or two-way. You will not only hurt yourself if you are

not prepared, you will impact the seller negatively. The buyer evaluation is included on the sales

presentation evaluation form located in CANVAS and is worth $300 of your overall grade.

Subject Business
Due By (Pacific Time) 01/23/2014 12:00 am
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