Project #21152 - Writing Project 1: Employment Application Packet

Writing Project 1: Employment Application Packet



You are getting ready to apply for jobs within your field.  To prepare for this search, you decide to find a job ad that interests you and complete a prewrite audience analysis, a company profile, a job application letter, and a resume.


Please note that you need to choose a professional job for this process (the type you want to get after graduating).  Do not use job ads from Craig’s list (especially ones where you cannot find any information about the company) or jobs that do not require a resume for the application process.


Key Documents:



  • Find 3 job ads that you are interested in applying for
  • Write up information about each of the companies: 
    • oWho are they?  
    • oWhat is their mission statement?  
    • oWhat is their ethical statement?
    • oWho are their customers?
    • oWhat kind of culture do they project?
    • oAnd any other information you can find that will prove useful in writing up your employment application materials (and, potentially, an interview).


Rough and Final Drafts (you need all documents for both the rough and final drafts):


  • Company profile—while this does not have to be in any specific format (although there is an example in the textbook on p.86 that you can adapt/modify for your purpose), the document needs to include the job ad for which you are preparing the cover letter and resume.  The profile also needs to include your analysis of the company including:
  • oThe ideals and goals of the company
  • oKey contacts/personnel, etc.  
  • oAnalysis of the company (what kind of company is it?  Who is the customer base?)
  • oWhat can you draw on from your background to show that you are a good match for the company?  This can range from related education/job experience to extracurricular activities
  • Job Application Letter—this letter should directly respond to one job ad but may utilize information from the prewrite you created.  The letter must be in the four paragraph layout (Introductory, Education, Employment, and Concluding paragraphs p.426-431).
  • Resume—while you often find that the general format of the resume will stay the same, you may adjust certain elements depending on your audience (see pages 409-415).  You do not have to use your “real” resume if you are uncomfortable sharing that information.  However, if you do decide to make up a resume, you should make sure it parallels your real work/schooling experience.

Subject English
Due By (Pacific Time) 02/08/2014 12:00 am
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