Project #20774 - web development

1.(i)Describe the key features of Java sockets and how network programming can be achieved with it. Include in your answer its core functionalities at both client and server sides and how it may be identified.

(ii)  Sockets can be used in both node to node and group communication. Describe the types of sockets available in Java for each form of communication. Include in your answer comparisons of how each is created and how data is sent, and read, at both ends.

(ii)  Describe a client/server Java application that uses sockets over a reliable underlying transport protocol. The client should request data from the server repeatedly until the user chooses to exit the application. Support your answer fully with pseudo code detail of the implementation.


2. (i)? An organization submits payroll details weekly via a web interface, indicating the number of hours worked by each employee. The support class Payroll takes in details of the employee and hours worked. Write the code for the input JSP page, a servlet to process the request, and a resulting page, which is returned to the client showing their calculated pay.

- A restaurant requires new reservation functionality to be implemented as a web-based application. The system requires a web-based front end and servlet to process input by the user i.e. the users contact details, name & date/time of booking required. Describe using pseudo code how you would implement the required functionality.

 (ii) Describe the lifecycle of a Servlet.  Support your answer diagrammatically

 (iii) There are several techniques used to help retain state, as HTTP is a stateless protocol. Discuss these techniques. Choose one-technique and detail implementation details of how state can be maintained across an application.

- How is state management achieved when using Java and/or the Servlet API?

- The Servlet API provides classes and interfaces to enable a level of abstraction for web application development. Indicate the roles of the principal interfaces and classes available to programmers in the Java Servlet API.







3. (i)Compare and contrast JSP to three alternative approaches.

(ii)Explain the lifecycle of JSP. What happens to a JSP handled by the JSP Engine?

(iii) Describe the different scopes available to a JSP programmer for storing objects. Include in your ?answer cases where scope is appropriate and explain the scopes.

(iv) What predefined implicit objects are available to JSP developers and what Java Objects do they represent and what does each one correspond to in a servlet? (5 marks)

(v) A television programme requires an online survey to estimate viewer preferences. Describe the implementation details of such a survey implemented using Survey.jsp to record user’s preferences and any accompanying Java objects to store the collected data. (5 marks)

A survey website wishes to record users ratings of the current government using a simple govRatings.jsp page. This page records the users name, gender, age and rating. Ex- excellent, Good, Poor. Create the jsp page and the accompanying bean to enable the data to be recorded.

4.  Provide pseudo code to show how you would connect to a database named “Stock Store”. Also include details on how to insert and retrieve the following stock data in that database using JDBC.

STOCK             QUANTITY                        PRICE

Cola                    10000                       2

Beer                     2500                        5             

Tea                      5000                        1

- Provide code to select a row from a database table named “Files” with data fields named “field”, “owner” and “available”. Include code to obtain a connection using JDBC.

 (ii) Explain the methods called to perform SQL statements using JDBC. Describe their method signatures and explain any parameters and return types.

(iii) Explain how the values returned from an SQL query can be examined and what is the return type?

Explain what a “prepared statement” is in JDBC. Include in your answer details on how its created used and executed.




5. (i) Describe the MVC model. In your answer make reference to a framework that uses this as the underlying architecture for web application development and how the MVC model is represented in that framework.

(ii) Describe the architecture of the Struts2 framework, including the components it offers to developers and the technologies that the framework builds upon.

(iii) Outline using pseudo code an example of an application that allows users to register for an online competition using Struts2. Include details of all files required to process the registration

- Outline the essential features of a web application built using Struts 2. Application should support user registration functionality. Include examples of all components required.

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