Project #20771 - 10 multiple choice questions


1.      Today's fire investigators must be knowledgeable in many areas including?

a.       Fire science, Explosion dynamics, Evidence Collection, Scene documentation


b.       Tactical fire rescue methods, Chemical engineering, Basic electricity, Wood working


c.       Architectural drawing, Building Construction, mechanical engineering, Law enforcement training


d.      Criminalistics, Criminal profiling, Mechanical engineering,Hazardous materials recognition



2. Fire Investigators often work with other agencies in the performance of their duties. If the investigator needs information pertaining to one's outstanding taxes which office would you go to? 

             a         Building Department


             b.        Assessor's Office


             c.        Insurance Industry


             d.        City solicitor



3.There are two provisions in the U.S. Constitution known as the "ue process" clauses that protect individule rights.  They are?

             a.        First & Fifth

             b.        Fourth & Fifth

             c.        Fourth & Twelfth

             d.        Fifth & Fourteenth


4.Anything that occupies space and has mass is?

             a.        Oxidation

             b.        Exothermic reaction

             c.        matter

             d.        Flame point


5.Reactions that release energy as they occur are called?

             a.        Endothermic

             b.        Combustion

             c.        Exothermic

             d.        flame induced matter



6.The fire triangle consists of?

             a.        Heat, Fuel, Smoke

             b.        Fuel, smoke, oxygen

             c.        Fuel, heat, oxygen

             d.        Heat, oxygen, smoke


7. When  the current flowing through a conductor exceeds its design limits, it may overheat and present an ignition hazard.  What type of electrical heat energy is it?

             a.        Resistance heating

             b.        Overcurrent or overload

             c.        Arcing

             d.        Sparking


8.There are three methods of heat transfer, they are?

             a.        Conduction, Convection, and Radiation

             b.        Exothermic, Endothermic, Combustion

             c.        Hot, Warm, and Cold

             d.        Friction, Compression, and Resistance


9. There are five Classifications of fires listed in the text.  Which would include flammable and combustible liquids?

             a.        Class A

             b.        Class B

             c.        Class C

             d.        Class D


10.Fire Development has fire stages, which is when the three elements of the fire triangle come together?

             a.        Incipient stage

             b.        Growth stage


             c.        Fully developed stage

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